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Track and Field

"Run Hard or Run Home!"

Track and Field encompasses a variety of competitive athletic disciplines based on running, jumping and throwing. Running events are categorized into sprints (100-metres, 200-metres and 400-metres events), middle-distance (800-meters, 1500-metres and 3000-meters), long-distance events (5000-meters and 10,000-metres), hurdling and relay events (4 x 100-meters relay and 4 x 400-metres relay). Jumping events include the long jump, triple jump, high jump and pole vault. Throwing events can include the short put, discus throw and hammer throw.

Training takes place 3 times a week, either in school or at the Co-Curricular Activities Branch along Evans Road, and focuses on developing our team’s muscular endurance, flexibility, stamina and strength. The training is challenging, both physically as well as mentally, and helps develop resilience and tenacity in our athletes.

Competitions are held throughout the year for different disciplines and traditions, our strength has been in running events. Some events we compete in are the Akira-Swift Road Relay Championships, the Akira-Swift Cross Country Championships and the Singapore Athletic Association Track and Field Series 6. The two biggest events of the year for us are the National Inter-school Cross Country Championships and the National Inter-school Track & Field Championships when we compete with other secondary schools nationally.

Through competition, we aim to develop in our team a greater appreciation for the sport as well as the qualities of sportsmanship, teamwork and strength of character. It is more important to focus on the process than the product. The process in this case are the grueling hours of training we put in every week, the soreness we deal with after and the mental endurance we need to keep on pushing ourselves beyond what we think we are capable of. The product – the results, medals and accolades – will follow later on. It is not always easy and there will be some very trying times. However, overcoming these challenges is its own reward and the team will emerge stronger, faster and more united.



Mdm Norazlin Mohd

Other Teacher I/Cs:
Mr Lim Wee Khiang
Mr Tnia Zhao Peng


“Track has allowed me to become more resilient and taught me to never give up. On top of that, Track has also allowed me to increase my stamina and physical endurance and allow me to push myself beyond my limits. Overall, Track has made me become a more disciplined person.”
- Ethea Tan Yee Tung (3G2)

“Training sessions are much more enjoyable because of the teammates I have and I treasure the bonds between my team members. Even though training sessions are tough and tiring, I still hear claps of encouragement and cheers of "good job" after every training session. I really appreciate the bonds between every Track member and am thankful for all their contributions big and small.”
- Png Jing Wen (3G3)

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