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"Individual play the game, but teams beat the odds"

The Crescent Softball team comprises of a group of promising and talented athletes. Under the guidance of former National Team player Coach Marcus Yeo and teachers in charge, we have participated in many competitions and have successfully placed 3rd in the 2019 National Inter-School Games.

Through our rigorous training sessions thrice a week, players have not only been able to improve their hard skills (example: basic throwing/catching and batting skills), but have also been able to sharpen their soft skills such as teamwork. Softball training teaches our players the importance of values like determination, passion and communication, which is key in playing the game. 

At the end of the year, our players are treated to an annual softball camp, which is an excellent opportunity for players to improve their camaraderie, team spirit and sense of belonging. Through the activities and games, the members challenge and push themselves beyond their comfort zones and emerge as a stronger and more formidable team.

Even during the pandemic, the Softball team adapted and continued to meet online for theory lessons conducted by our Coach to learn about the theory and techniques required for Softball. The Softball team has the ability to withstand adversity and bounce back despite the current circumstances. We believe that as we continue to train hard, we will bring Crescent to glory.


  • CGS Softball Carnival
  • SRC Softball Carnival
  • School B and C Division National games
  • Softball Annual Camp


Ms Ou Yang Xiuling

Other Teacher I/Cs:
Mr Keong Desmond
Ms Nur Liyana Bte Abd Rahman
Ms Kartinie Tomin


The Softball Team has taught me many important values such as teamworkdetermination and resilience. Not giving up no matter how daunting the situation may be and being able to trust your teammates are some of the things I gradually developed. As the Vice-captain, I may find the responsibility tough to handle at times, but my fellow teammates never fail to motivate me and lend a helping hand.” 

Prachi Suthar (3S3), Vice-captain, on how her perspective of Softball has changed her since she joined in 2014 


Although training sessions are tough, we work hard in order to do well in competitions. In a match, every position is important. Softball is a team game and requires coordination, patience and great team spirit.  

- Adele Teo Kit Ing (2G1on the values Softball has taught her 


"Softball is a CCA that emphasises values like teamwork and sportsmanship. Although it's challenging and tough at times, we need a positive mindset to face the challenge. Through softball, I've learnt that it is possible to overcome the challenges we face. I set my goals and achieve them to get better every day." 

Pua Jia En (1C1) on her view about the CCA upon entering the Softball Team in 2016

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