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"Teamwork makes the dream work"

A sport whose history dates back to the 1890s, Netball in Crescent Girls’ School is an established and increasingly popular CCA. Netball is a fast paced game that not only requires good teamwork and stamina but also quick and flexible thinking in order to strategize effective gameplay. In Crescent, trainings occur thrice a week. These trainings not only build up our members’ fitness and skills, but also train us in our perseverance and determination, reminding us of the importance of never giving up. Although the long hours of training under the hot sun can prove to be exhausting, the results attained on the court is jubilantly gratifying.

The pandemic has forced us to embrace many new norms and one of these new norms is e-CCA where netball training sessions are conducted via zoom sessions when the situation calls for it. E-CCAs are meaningfully planned to ensure our members continue to hone their skills and develop a deeper understanding of the game through video analysis of the matches.

Crescent Netball it is made up of dedicated netballers who have much passion and drive. The team spirit of Netball is one that cannot be described in words. The intangible feelings of familiarity, trust and comfort is one that is unique to Netballers. We are each other’s pillars of support and we have Netball to thank for bringing us together as one.


  • National Schools ‘C’ Division South Zone Netball Championships
  • National Schools ‘C’ Division South Zone Netball Championships
  • Sneakers Carnival



Mdm Rilaini Bte Sapari

Other Teacher I/Cs:
Mdm Farihah Bte Mohd Atar
Mr Bobby Tantri


I have learnt that teamwork in the team is important and each player has an important role to play and that I should persevere despite challenges and have a constant drive for improvement. 
-Goh Yi Xin Karys

I like that we also get to play different positions during training matches so that we are not just skilled in one netball position. I enjoy the activities we do during CCA because we have other activities like treasure hunt and other games not related to netball.
-Chuang Weng Yin Nadya

I have learnt to have more teamwork and how to communicate well with others during a netball game. I have also learnt not to give up easily when I face challenges or even when I get really tired. -Munera Binte Haja Mydin

I enjoy training with my friends and able to have good relationships with them and my seniors whom I can always turn to for help.
-Soo Qi Ming Charmaine 

I have learnt how to work better with other teammates and improved my communication skills during court game. I have also improved my physical strength through netball as well as learnt more in-depth about Netball and the different drills to have us in court.
-Goh Shi Rou   

 I have learnt to be resilient and to work together with my teammates.
-Rachel Tan Rae Shyen

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