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"Win or Don't go home!"

Crescent Hockey has a long history dating back to 1959 and is one of the longest running CCAs in Crescent. In the early years, Crescent Hockey gradually gained recognition by achieving numerous awards in both district and national tournaments under the guidance of the teacher-in-charge and former coach, Mr Julian Hwang. The senior team had its first taste of winning when it clinched the first position in the District Tournament in 1971, followed by the junior team in 1975. In 1995, Mr Nordin took over Mr Julian Hwang’s position as a coach and has been coaching the team since then. Crescent Hockey continues to do well in the national schools competition emerging top 4 position every year. In 1999 and 2000, we clinched the Championship title in the National Schools ‘B’ Division Championship.

Recently, in 2021, Crescent Hockey was featured in the National School Games Opening Ceremony video. In 2019, Crescent participated in the National School Games ‘B’ and ‘C’ Division Championship. The ‘C’ Division team emerged as champions while the ‘B’ Division team came out of the tournament as first runner-ups.

Training days are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. In order for our players to achieve and maintain top fitness levels, we often include fitness and agility trainings as well. Additionally, we place a lot of emphasis on the theoretical aspects and engage our players in theory lessons. This was especially important in the past 2 years, when Covid-19 prevented the CCA from training. Previously, we have also participated in national leagues which are held on weekends under Crescent Hockey Club. By pitting ourselves against tougher opponents, our players will be able to gain valuable experience which will definitely aid them in the long run.

To ensure that the Crescent Hockey community upholds the spirit of togetherness, the Crescent Hockey Club was formed in 2002 by ex-Crescentians. Through this club, hockey carnivals and past vs present games are held occasionally to enable the current generation of Crescent Hockey players to bond with their older seniors so that we would be able to interact with one another, share their past experiences and most importantly to  create a sense of belonging towards what we call, the Crescent Hockey Family.

Crescent Hockey is more than a CCA, it is FAMILY.


  • National Schools ‘B’ Division 11-aside Tournament
  • National Schools ‘C’ Division 6/7 –aside Tournament
  • National Schools ‘C’ Division 11-aside Tournament
  • Singapore Hockey Federation Age Group 5-aside Championship
  • Singapore Hockey Federation National Women’s League
  • Singapore Hockey Federation National Junior League
  • Crescent Hockey Past vs Present Carnival
  • Crescent Hockey Club Annual 6-aside Carnival
  • Overseas training tour
  • Hockey Camp
  • Friendly matches with international visiting clubs or schools
  • SHF 3-a-side League



Ms Nadrah Binte Sadali

Other Teacher I/Cs:
Mr Kingsley Ng
Ms Khoirunnisaa Binte Abdul Ja'afar
Mdm Natarajan Umarani


"I am really glad that I am part of Crescent Hockey. It has taught me important values like cooperating together and working towards a common goal. I always look forward to training sessions as I have teammates who stand by me and we endure hard times together no matter what. As a team, we will strive to be the best to make the school proud. Crescent Hockey #1!" 

- Chew Xin Yun (2C2) on her experience in Crescent Hockey 


"Crescent Hockey has taught me many things. I have grown to love and have a strong passion for hockey. Through the tough training, we are able to bond with our teammates more, as we cheer each other on during training. It has inspired us to strive for excellence in various competitions." 
- Valerie Tay (2C2) on what she has benefited from Hockey 

"Crescent Hockey has been an amazing experience for me and it has made my Crescent life fulfilling one. It has taught me to persevere. Even after losing a match, we train harder, fight harder and make sure we win the next one. I will never forget the friends in Crescent Hockey. As a team, we work hard together to not only excel on the pitch but also off the pitch - in our academics. Encouraging one another along the way, together we will make Crescent proud.

- Rachel Chua (3S3)Team Leader of 'B' Division 


"Being in the Hockey Team in Crescent has been and still is one of the greatest blessings in my life. There is something in Crescent Hockey that makes it so vastly different from any other team. The team spirit is very strong. Each player is equally valuable and important to everyone. I hold the friendships forged in Hockey very close to my heart and would never trade them for anything else. Had I been placed in another team, I definitely would not be who I am today without the support of all my teammates. The experience in Crescent Hockey is irreplaceable." 

Gabrielle Lum (3S2), Team Leader of 'B' Division

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