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"One Million Percent!"

The Crescent Canoeing team is one of the few all-girls teams in the sport, and has been flourishing under the guidance of former Youth World Champion and current coach, Mr Denes Szaszak, a Hungarian national who also coaches our Singapore National Team.

The team has performed well in recent years, constantly being in the top 3 nationally. The student-athletes are given plenty of race experiences throughout their four years with the team, and many of them are often invited to train with the national youth team from as young as 14 years old.

Even with the current pandemic, the team continues to train hard, and has acquired new assets in the likes of kayak ergometers to train remotely, as well as new junior kayaks to allow less experienced kayakers to be able to train effectively. The team innovates in training and continues to perform at a high level despite the ever-changing situation.

  • Singapore Canoe Marathon
  • National Junior Canoeing Championships (NJCC)
  • National Inter-School Canoeing Championships (NICC)
  • National Canoeing Championships (NCC)
  • National Womens’ Kayaking Championships (NWKC)
  • National Mid-Distance Canoeing Championships
  • One Star Kayaking Course
  • CGS Canoeing family day
  • Canoeing camp


Mr Ho Yuan Seng

Other Teacher I/Cs:
Mr Tan Jun Wei
Mr Eddie Tay


"Canoeing has trained me not just physically, but also mentally in persevering through difficulties. It has also helped me realise how crucial teamwork is, especially when participating in team events in which coordination is essential for a boat to move fast." 

Anisha Singh Le Shuang (4G3) on what she has learnt from being a Canoeist for the past 4 years 


"Being in the Canoeing Team, I have come to learn that no matter what challenges we face, we must put in our utmost effort. Only then will we be able to achieve what we desire. Being the 'C' Division Captain 2015-2016, I have also come to appreciate the amount of effort it takes to lead, and that for a team to work, they must have a good leader." 

Anna Lim Jia Jia (3S1) on being the 'C' Division Captain 


"Although I have only been in the Canoeing Team for two years, I feel that this CCA has taught me to always try your best and never give up. Training may be tough, but we've learnt to persevere and I believe this has made me more resilient not only in CCA but also in my school work. As a team, we have bonded and have become good friends and team members." 

Nur Adelin Bte Johari (2S1) on being stronger in character 


"I'm very enthusiastic about canoeing. After about two months of paddling with the team, I've learnt to take responsibility of my own actions. I am also very appreciate of my seniors, teachers and coaches who have guided us and encouraged us to help us to improve. I really enjoy paddling." 

Liaw Ann Zhen (1C1)  on being a new member in the team 

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