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"One Mission, One Spirit, One Team"

Badminton is a fast paced sport which requires not only agility, power, but also high mental endurance. That is why Crescent Badminton has always been persistent in terms of perfecting our skills, improving our agility as well as pushing our own boundaries during our trainings, which are held thrice a week, in order to bring the team to even greater heights. In 2013, Crescent Badminton was able to reap the fruits of our labour, with the C Division emerging as one of the Top 8 teams in Singapore.

Crescent Badminton’s vision is to instill character building through positive competition and to achieve excellence in competitions.

Crescent Badminton has been actively participating in many competitions, such as the annual South Zone Inter-School Badminton Championships, the annual Wee Kim Wee Cup and many other friendly matches against opponents from other schools. These competitions not only allow our players to put what they have learnt from trainings into practice, but also gives us an opportunity to learn from our opponents, allowing us to improve our skills as well as our strategies.

In November 2013, Crescent Badminton also had the chance of going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to participate in friendly matches with the local sports academy and even got a chance to train together with the local players. We have benefited immensely from this trip, learning different skills from the local players as well as getting a chance to interact with people who share the same passion and love for Badminton as we do.

Over the past year, while there is no doubt that Crescent Badminton has grown significantly in terms of skills and agility, we have also grown closer as a team. As we become more agile, our ability to tackle obstacles gets better.  While our smashes become more powerful, our love for the team has also grown stronger.

We will continue to work hard and give our all for the team, and we hope to help Crescent Badminton scale even greater heights and achieve even more outstanding results in the near future.

Crescent Badminton, Always Ready To Strike


  • South Zone Inter-schools Badminton Championship


Ms Magdalena Furtado

Other Teacher I/Cs:
Mr Foo Wen Yeow
Mr Huang Pengyuan


“Badminton has been such an enjoyable sport for me and has taught me about the importance of teamwork. It is particularly true when I partner someone else during doubles, as I have to work and communicate with my partner. On the whole, my involvement in the Badminton Team has been a very fulfilling experience and it has taught me many good things.”
- Ruth Sng (1G1) on the things she has learnt the most since coming into Badminton

"Being the captain moulded me to be more responsible. I've learnt to lead the team as well as follow my teammates. I developed my critical thinking skills, becoming more decisive. I am able to carry values from my training sessions into my life such as being resilient, creating good habits and staying mentally calm.  Overall, I've acquired important life skills that will be needed for tomorrow. "
- Yuveleena (4S3), Overall Captain 2015/2016, on how Badminton has changed her life

“I feel that being in the Badminton Team has taught me the importance of perseverance and teamwork through the tough training sessions and competitions. It has also made me have more confidence in myself and learn how to lead as well as be a role model for others as a leader of the team.”
- Nichelle Poh (3S3), Overall Vice-Captain 2015/2016, on how Badminton has changed her

"Being in the Badminton Team has been an amazing experience for me these past four years. The journey has not been easy and there were tough times as well. Besides allowing me to develop new friendships and play a sport that I like, this CCA has taught me how to be resilient by never giving up, and shown me how being united helps a team to overcome all obstacles and move together as one. I am glad to be in the team!"
- Delise Chua (4G2) on what Badminton has taught her

 "Being the Vice-captain of the ‘C’ Division team has given me more confidence. As a leader, I have learnt the importance of being a good role model as well as building team spirit and encouraging close ties between the players. I'm extremely humbled to be given the opportunity to lead the team to greater heights."
- Francesca Lim (2G1) Vice-Captain of ‘C’ Division 2015/2016, on leading the team

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