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Photographic Society

Crescent Girls’ School Photographic Society aims to promote a passion for photography and visual arts among our students. With the aim of encouraging members to understand the different facets of photography, our club is divided into two sections – basic and intermediate.

The Sec1s and 2s learn the foundation of photo taking such as the associated vocabulary and basic techniques. The upper secondary students are taught more about the qualitative aspects of photography such as micro-settings, night photography, light photography and food photography. Students are constantly exposed to different perceptions to open their minds to different photography styles. This is further encouraged by the numerous conventions and seminars that our students regularly attend. Some of these seminars include Singapore Youth Photography Convention and National University of Singapore Photographic Convention. We also take part in competitions such as the Big Picture hosted by the New Paper and Co-op hotshots.

This year, the Photographic Society has also come up with a photo book which is a compilation of all the best shots taken, which was a huge achievement for the members.


  • Mr Zhu Haibin
  • Ms Tiah Bi Wei


2 x Top 50 Submitters out of 1500 entries

10th Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition - 3 shortlisted photographs


“I feel extremely honoured to be getting a leadership position because it is evident and I know that I am never good enough for the Photographic Society as one of the leaders. I feel a bigger responsibility to play this role as my seniors had entrusted us with the roles and I know that I should not let them down. The position gives me an opportunity to enjoy CCA even more.”
- Kim Su Hyun (3C1) on attaining a leadership position

“I feel that Photographic Society has enabled me to take better quality photos for the school and for myself. As the Competitions Head, I am responsible to find photo contests or seminars for the members to participate on a regular basis. Sometimes it is hard to find contests applicable for all the members to participate in; however it’s a role I have to handle and I will do my best in it.”
- Madeleine Tan (3C1) on how the Photographic Society has changed her

“Before entering the Photographic Society, I was worried that I would not be able to make new friends and adapt easily to the CCA. However, I was wrong. During the welcome party at the start of the year, I was welcomed and everyone was kind and helpful to me. It was nice to have people with the same interest as you. So far, I have enjoyed myself greatly.”
- Yap Jie Ting (3C3) on entering the Photographic Society in Sec 3

Photo Gallery:

Crescent CCA Photographic

Crescent CCA Photographic