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Innovation and Enterprise Club

Think Big. Think Different. Make Believe.

The Innovation and Enterprise (I&E) Club comprises a close-knit team of students with a deep passion for ideation and business enterprise.

In I&E Club, we do believe that character is destiny; that we should demonstrate sincerity, courtesy and generosity in every aspect of our lives. This, coupled with recognition of each and every member’s talents and gifts, enables us to strive for excellence in our endeavours.

Being in I&E Club means getting oneself exposed to a myriad of activities that include professional training, business skills and entrepreneurship competitions, social enterprise, community involvement programmes and student-initiated campus events.

When it comes to training, each I&E Club member would have undergone basic training to pick up vital business skills such as accounting, financial planning, business proposal writing, making a sales pitch, business presentation, business marketing et cetera. Professional trainers are also engaged to run workshops and courses, sharing invaluable experiences that add value to student learning. Through these four years of learning experiences, the members have also fostered a sense of camaraderie, inspired by a shared vision and encouraged by each other.

To walk the talk, I&E Club members apply what they have learned about entrepreneurship through participating in different competitions that would require them to demonstrate a myriad of proficiencies. These include financial literacy, creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, oral communication, civic literacy, ICT literacy, cross-cultural skills — most of which are key 21st Century Competencies, moulding each I&E Club member into confident ladies and leaders of tomorrow. From displaying a knack for financial literacy in the National Cashflow Challenge to exercising efficient interpersonal and communication skills in promoting the merchandise to potential consumers at Young Entrepreneurs Skills Competition (YESCOM) or persuading people to buy merchandise sold at street sales to help a social cause, the I&E Club members have learned to be flexible and confident entrepreneurs a spirit of giving back to the community.


Go anywhere as long as it is forward


Ignite the flame of entrepreneurship within you


Walk on water


  • CGS Valentine’s Day Sale
  • CGS Teachers’ Day Sale- National Cashflow Challenge
  • Youthphoria: Young Entrepreneurs Competition
  • CITI-YMCA Youth For Causes
  • Young Entrepreneurs Skills Competition
  • National Pushcart Challenge


Teacher I/Cs:
Ms Caroline Chan
Ms Tan Chui Pheng


“Leading I&E Club was a great honor and humbling experience. It really developed me as a leader and individual. It was always comforting to know that in spite of challenges, the members were always there to give support and run the race together. To me, I&E Club is like a family, where I know that there is always going to be someone there every time.”
– Koh Rui Jin Celine (4S1) on leading the CCA

“After joining I&E for 2 years, I have learned more than I thought I would. Being a club about enterprising and innovation, I have learned a lot about these skills through training, attending seminars and joining competitions. Apart from gaining knowledge, I&E is also helping me grow as a person. Street sales held every year had improved my confidence by approaching strangers and at the same time, give back to society. Sales held in school taught me that teamwork and time management is also very important and that everyone plays an important role when it comes to entrepreneurship.”
–  Koh Bei Ning (2S1) on her perception upon entering I&E Club in 2013

“I thought the CCA sounds like a Mathematics Club when I first heard of it. However, through the coaxing of a fellow member, I decided to try something new and was lucky to join the Club. I started learning and engaging new skills from seniors such as sourcing, publicizing, writing business proposals etc. I also joined competitions that allowed me to put my newly acquired skills into action. Lo and behold, the experience gained has taught me leadership skills, of having confidence, cooperation, and communication. I believe without the CCA and CCA members, I would not be who I am today. Thinking back to my first impression and the many memories that I treasure now, it is laughable to think of I&E as a Mathematics Club!
– Soon Wei Ru Clarissa (4S1) on how I&E Club has changed her

“After joining I&E, I learned to laugh at my own mistakes and reflect on them. I became a better team player, improving my overall character and attitude. Through the various competitions and projects that I had participated in with my CCA mates, I also found a passion for helping the less fortunate, inspiring me to do more volunteer work in the future to give back to society.”
– Lee Jia Su  (4G1) on what she has learned from being involved in the CCA

“Taking over as the President of the Innovation and Enterprise (I&E) Club brought about a sense of anticipation and fear in me. I was inspired to work with the CCA members to bring I&E Club to greater heights. Fear crept in when I assumed leadership since I had to step out of my comfort zone and be responsible for I&E Club, without my seniors around me. In a nutshell, it is a great learning experience!”
– Chang Jing Wen (3S2)

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