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Infocomm Technology Club

"Shift the control to us and we will alter the world!"

In Infocomm Club, we aim to develop our students’ different interest, needs and experiences. Our students learn to develop skills in coding, making animation and creating games online. They learn to problem-solve using technology in a logical and creative manner. Through these experiences, we developed an appreciation of how technology facilitates our daily life. We also work collaboratively by learning from each other, evaluating ideas and products created.

Due to Covid-19 Safety Management Measures (SMM) in 2020 and 2021, our students were not able to compete in several notable competitions such as National Robotics Challenge and Singapore Game Creation. Making the best of the situation, our students focused on spreading important safety messages to our peers by creating online games related to Covid-19 and producing animation videos for Teachers’ Day and other school events in 2020.

This year, our students had the opportunity to explore with new resources that is the Lego Mindstorm SPIKE Prime. We experimented with the equipment to build and code the robots to perform various tasks. Through this experience, we learnt to be creative, work cooperatively and to think critically. Our students also participated in online trainings organised by Shopee in March. The training covered skills development in Data Analytics, Data Science and Programming. Although the trainings were challenging and complicated, they persevered and greatly benefitted from the exposure that they had in these trainings.

Our students are currently involved in creating mobile app design using Figma. We are creating an app for personal use which hopefully will also benefit other students. We are also sending some Sec 2 students to attend a 3-day Space Coding Boot Camp, which will be held virtually, during the June holiday. Our students will learn the basics of Android Studio and Java to programme free-flying robots on board the international space station. This camp gives students insights into space robotics and programming, which is something new to them.

With the motto ‘Shift the Control to us and we will Alter the World’, we are determined to put our technological knowledge to good use for the better of mankind and the environment. Infocomm Club is under the guidance of Ms Azilah, Mr Kelwin Koh together with our invaluable in-house trainers, Ms Fadilah and Ms Jessica Tan.



Ms Azilah Abd Wahid
Mr Kelwin Koh

Other Teacher I/Cs:
Ms Fadilah Yusoff
Ms Jessica Tan



“Through the different workshops and competitions, I have learned many different applications and software that I've not known or used before. It is also a place where I can find my strengths and weaknesses and work with my teammates to do the best we can in various competitions.”  

Yeoh Wan Ting (2C1) on the learning benefits of joining the Computer Club 


"As a Computer Club member, I've learnt computer skills I can use in life. Throughout the past year, I faced many difficulties such as not being able to understand the content, not being able to keep up and more. With the help of my CCA friends and the continuous guidance of my CCA teachers, I was able to overcome the difficulties that seemed never-ending. I am glad that it has helped me develop better as a person." 

Thirumalai Harinika (2C2) on the improvements she has made since joining the Computer Club 


"At the Computer Club, we get to increase our potential by learning more about technology as we learn technical skills like coding and programming that will help us in the future. Having being equipped with these skills, we also get to help our fellow Crescentians understand the importance of technology in the 21st century." 
Wee Shu Yan Serafina (2C2) on the relevance of skills learnt from the Computer Club 


We get to attend lessons on topics that are much related to the real world. These include activities such as codingWcan sometimes even contribute back to the community by engaging in community activities that maximize our learning like teaching the elderly how to create accounts in various social media platforms.”  

Radhakrishnan Suwetha (3S2) on the opportunities the Computer Club provides 


The Computer Club has nurtured me to be persevering performing to the best of my abilities. As information and communication technology covers a wide range of topics, we are often given projects, some of which require us to learn from scratch. When faced with such difficulties, we work as a team and gain small wins by acquiring knowledge in every competition that we participate in. The exposure I've received has definitely shaped my personal values." 

– May Yune Maung Maung (3S2) on the challenging yet rewarding experience she gained from the Computer Club

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