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English Drama

"We Think, We Speak. We Act"

The English Language Literary Drama and Debate Society is a CCA for Crescentian writers, orators and thespians. The goal of ELDDS is to ensure that every member is equipped with the necessary skills to enable them to excel in drama, writing or debate. This also involves the skills for script-writing, stagecraft, the play production process and public speaking. Every member is given the opportunity to develop their talents and to discover their best talents to excel confidently.

All members are trained in the three linked disciplines of drama, writing and debate. In drama, members are taught the core basics of dramatic technique – the use of levels to create effect, vocal projection, awareness of body language, facial expressions, use of space and behind-the-scenes work on lighting and sound. In writing, members are exposed to all three literary genres; prose, poetry and drama. In debate, all members go through training on how to formulate and present arguments in response to assigned motions. In the upper secondary levels, the students are trained to take on responsibilities as facilitators and to lead as committee and subcommittee leaders.

The skills learned in drama and writing are showcased in the annual ‘Blackbox’ production. ‘Blackbox’ is a series of plays, usually presented to the public. This production is put together entirely by the students, who craft the scripts, create the props and costumes, arrange the lighting, and even plan the marketing campaign. This activity provides them with a good platform to hone leadership and organizational skills.

ELDDS also takes part in the biannual Singapore Youth Festival. For this performance, the students discuss and devise a twenty-minute perspective that provides reflection about a certain aspect of society. The students discuss Literature, social issues and suggest ideas for the creation of their play. The students also discuss social issues and values when preparing for debates. One of the key debate competitions that the students are involved in is the annual Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships.

The ELDDS members are close and organize social events to bond as a family. It is common to see former students of the school returning to share their experiences with the current members and to inspire their juniors to new heights. The time the students spend in ELDDS in Crescent is only the beginning of their journey into the Arts – it is an initiation into a cultural lifestyle.


  • Sec 1 Orientation CCA Open House
  • Annual Blackbox Performance
  • National Schools’ Literature Festival Poetry Slam- Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championship



Mr Lloyd Lin

Other Teacher I/Cs:
Mrs Rupa Beng Choo


I auditioned for Crescent ELDDS in primary six and I have not regretted that decision since. I was intrigued to have found CCA mates who understood and felt the same fiery passion for the English Arts like I did. They opened my eyes to different drama techniques; they gave me exposure in debate and writing. It’s been an amazing experience being part of this family.
- Kacine Wee (1G1) Writing Coordinator

I had always wanted to be a part of the ‘LD Family’ because I knew that I would be able to have fun as well as express myself.  True to that, I was able to express myself through writing, acting and debating. I enjoy every LD session and will cherish these special memories as I create new ones. Thank you, ELDDS, for giving me priceless moments.
- Noor Kamilia Bte Junaidi (1S2)

One of my most memorable experiences in ELDDS would be participating in the Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championship. Through this competition, I was given the opportunity to explore and improve my skills as a debater. I also thoroughly enjoyed working with my debate team and they hold a special place in my heart.
- Shashneetha D/O Yoganathan (2C1), Debate Coordinator

Since the moment I stepped into ELDDS until now, I am breathing in the love and care of my fellow CCA mates. ELDDS has given me the courage to stand up to think, act and speak in front of an audience, to reveal to me the beauty of theatrical art and to experience the freedom of the world and ourselves through the expressions of words.
- Su Thida Htun, Treasurer (3S1)

My most memorable experience would be in secondary one, when we entered the Poetry Slam competition. In spite of it being a competition, the five of us were having fun, exploring our creativity and broadening our imagination. ELDDS has taught me that fiery passion and playing hard will enable you to achieve new heights never thought possible before.
- Shayna Robinson, Vice President of ELDDS, Special Projects (3C1/2013)

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