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Co-Curricular (CCA) Department 


Holistically developed students with good character and strong core values. 


To provide a broad-based co-curricular programme and fuel interest in life-long recreational pursuits.


By the end of the 4 years of CCA, a Crescentian should be able to:
  • Learn the value of responsibility, teamwork, discipline, and commitment; 
  • Acquire social-emotional learning competencies and leadership skills; 
  • Develop interest and talent in specific areas of CCA;
  • Participate in inter-school competitions/external events.

Co-Curricular Activities

Sports & Games
  • Badminton
  • Canoeing
  • Track & Field
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Softball

Uniformed Groups
  • Girl Guides
  • National Cadet Corps (Land)
  • National Police Cadet Corps
  • Red Cross Youth

Performing Arts
  • Angklung & Kulintang Ensemble 
  • Chinese & Modern Dance 
  • Choir
  • Symphonic Band

Clubs & Societies
  • Audio Visual Aid
  • Chess
  • Infocomm 
  • Digital Art & Photography 
  • English Drama
  • Innovation & Enterprise

Special Programmes

Champion Seminar
To celebrate the school’s CCA achievements and recognize the commitment and passion underlying the efforts of pupils, teachers and instructors  

School Colours Award
To encourage and recognize desirable values such as commitment & dedication in the pursuit of CCA excellence

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Information about CCA Venues and Schedule can be found here.