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South Zone Inter-school Badminton Championship
3rd (C Div)
Singapore Schools Sports Council


Singapore Canoe Marathon 2019
Under-14 Women's 12km JK1 - 1st
Under-14 Women's 12km JK2 - 4th
Under-14 Women's 12km K2 - 3rd
Under-14 Women's 12km K2 - 5th
Under-14 Women's 12km K2 - 6th
Under-16 Women's 12km K2 - 2nd
Under-16 Women's 12km K2 - 1st
Junior Women's 18km K2 - 5th

National Junior Canoeing Championship 2019
Under-14 Women's K2-500m - 3rd
Under-14 Women's K2-500m - 4th
Under-14 Women's K4-500m - 3rd
Under-14 Women's JK1-500m - 1st
Under-14 Women's K2-1000m - 3rd
Under-14 Women's K2-1000m - 4th

Under-16 Women's K1-500m - 6th
Under-16 Women's K2-500m - 3rd
Under-16 Women's K2-1000m - 4th

National Schools Games Canoeing Championship 2019 C Division Girls' Overall 2nd place
C-Div Girls' K1-1000m - 1st
C-Div Girls' K1-1000m - 5th
C-Div Girls' K2-1000m - 3rd
C-Div Girls' K2-1000m - 5th
C-Div Girls' K1-500m - 1st
C-Div Girls' K1-500m - 5th
C-Div Girls' JK1-500m - 6th
C-Div Girls' JK2-500m - 3rd
C-Div Girls' K2-500m - 2nd
C-Div Girls' K2-500m - 3rd
C-Div Girls' K4-500m - 2nd

B Division Girls' Overall 4th place
B-Div Girls' K1-1000m - 5th
B-Div Girls' K2-1000m - 2nd
B-Div Girls' K4-1000m - 4th
B-Div Girls' K1-500m - 3rd
B-Div Girls' JK1-500m - 6th
B-Div Girls' K2-500m - 2nd
B-Div Girls' K4-500m - 4th

National Canoeing Championship 2019
U14 WOMEN K2 500M - 3rd
U14 WOMEN K2 500M - 4th

National Inter-schools Dragon Boat Championship 2019
C Div Girls' Overall Champions
C Div 12 crew - Silver
C Div 22 crew - Gold
B Div 12 crew - Silver

Singapore Canoe Federation

Singapore Canoe Federation

Singapore Schools Sports Council

Singapore Schools Sports Council

Singapore Dragon Boat Association

South Zone Netball Championship
C Div - 4th
Singapore School Sports Council
National Inter-School Hockey Championship 2019
B Div - 1st runners up
C Div - 1st
SHF 5-a-side U14 - 2nd & 4th
Singapore Schools Sport Council

Singapore Hockey Federation 
National Inter-School Softball B' Division 2019 (participant)
C Div - 3rd 
Singapore Schools Sports Council
Track & Field
National Schools Track & Field Championships:
B Div 400m - 2nd
C Div 400m - 3rd
B Div 3000m - 3rd
B Div 400m Hurdles - 3rd
B Div 4x400m Relay - 4th
B Div 400m - 7th
C Div 4x400m Relay - 7th
C Div 1500m Racewalk - 7th
C Div 1500m Racewalk - 8th

B Div - Overall 6th
C Div - Overall 8th

LAWA-MSSM-SSSC - Track and Field Championships 2019 at Pahang, Malaysia (Combined Schools Team to represent Singapore):
B Div - Tong Yan Yee:
4x400 Relay U17 - 4th
200m Hurdles U17 - 7th
400m U17- 7th

C Div - Kirsten May Leong:
4x400m U14 - 3rd

2019 SAA Track and Field Series 1:
B Div 3000m - 1st
B Div 400m U18 - 1st
B Div 200m Open - 2nd
B Div 200m Open - 4th
B Div 200m Open - 6th
B Div 400m U18 - 6th
B Div 100m Open - 6th
B Div 200m Open - 7th
B Div 200m Open - 8th

2019 Schools Meet Episode 3:
B Div 1500m - 3rd
C Div 1500m Racewalk - 6th
C Div 1500m Racewalk - 7th

SPH Schools Relay Championships 2019:
B Div 4x400m Relay - 3rd

Akira Swift Goh Teck Phuan Memorial Age Group Cross Country Championship 2019:
B Div (U17 Girls Category) - 7th
Singapore Schools Sports Council

LAWA-MSSM-SSSC International Little Athletics



Singapore Press Holdings

Akira Swift

Cross Country
National Inter-School Cross Country Championship
B Div - Felis Tan (Overall 8th Individual Placing out of Top 20 Runners)
Singapore Schools Sports Council 
Girl Guides
Puan Noor Aishah Award (YAO 2018)
Gold (Coy 1 & 2)

Baden Powell Award
6 Awardees

South Division Day - Captain's Ball

World Thinking Day - Girl Got Talent
Girl Guides HQ 
National Cadel Corps
Unit Recognition Award

Freestyle Exhibition Drill
National 4th position

Silence Precision Drill
National 1st Runner Up

Outstanding cadet awards
(Cayla Khurana Hiruan, Sitti Haajar Hasnan)

Fitness Challenge
Unit Overall Proficiency Award 2018
SPF-NPCC Badges 2
Red Cross Youth 
Excellent Unit Award 2018

Disaster Risk Reduction Championship 2019

Trailblazers Championships 2019

First Aid Championships Junior Category 2019

First Aid Championships Senior Category 2019
Singapore Red Cross Society
ChoirSYF Arts Presentation 2019 - Certificate of DistinctionMOE / AEB
Angklung & KulintangSYF Arts Presentation 2019 - Certificate of AccomplishmentMOE / AEB
Symphonic BandSYF Arts Presentation 2019 - Certificate of DistinctionMOE / AEB
Chinese & Modern DanceSYF Arts Presentation 2019 - Certificate of DistinctionMOE / AEB
International Chess
National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2019
U14 Girls' : National - 3rd and 20th
U14 Girls' : South Zone - 2nd and 10th
U16 Girls' : National - 6th and 9th
U16 Girls' : South Zone - 2nd, 3rd, 10th
Open Girls' : South Zone - 4th, 5th, 6th
Open Girls' : National - 14th, 16th, 18th

National Inter-School Team Chess Championships 2019 U14 Girls' : South Zone 2nd and 3rd
Sec Girls' : South Zone - 3rd

Hong Bao Rapid Chess 2019
Open : Ladies' - 1st and Overall - 9th
Challenger : Ratings - 3rd and Overall - 13th

Queenstown CC Age-Group Chess C’ship 2019
Sec Open : 5th U14 Open : 6th, 7th
Girls' : 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

Singapore Chess Federation

Queenstown CC

Toy Making Digital Innovation Challenge Competition -Top 9
Strawbees Education
Innovation & Enterprise
National Cashflow Competition

Design For Change Challenge Competition

National Financial Literacy (Praxis) Competition (Individual Sector)
NTU Investment Interactive Club

SoCH (Social Change in Action)

Outram Secondary School

English Literary Debate & Drama
SYF Arts Presentation 2019 (EL Drama)
Certificate of Accomplishment
Digital Art & Photography
Documenting Kampong Glam Photography Project 2019
Our Schools, Our Stories 2019 Junior Category Honourable Mention Award
Our Schools, Our Stories 2019 Youth Category
Honourable Mention Award

EXTRAVAGANZA 2019 INK!: Traditional Medium Concept Art
1st Prize
URA, NYAA Joint Collaboration

Ministry of Education

NUS Comics and Animation Society

 Student Initiated Activities
National Inter-Schools Taekwondo Championships -Kyorugi
C Div -Kyorugi Poom Under 50kg - 2nd position 
Singapore Schools Sports Council 
Jump Rope 
Singapore National & Open Jump Rope Championship 2019
U14 Single rope; consecutive Triple; single rope freestyle
U18 Single rope speed 
Jump Rope Federation Singapore