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NCAC 2016


1. Categories for the Challenge

There are 2 categories for participation:

    • Primary Schools 
    • Secondary/Post-Secondary Institutions 

2. Theme for the 2016 Challenge

The theme for this year’s challenge is “I Wish My Parents Knew…”

Cyber Wellness resources for parents have always been designed and curated by adults for adults. While these resources have proven to be rich and robust, they somehow lack the voice of the youths. In a “By Youths, For Adults” approach, this year’s NCAC challenge seeks to give primary and secondary school students a voice - the opportunity to design resources for parents’ use and to let adults know how they would like to be engaged for Cyber Wellness.

3. Areas of Interests

One of the following key areas of interest will be allocated to each team:
      • Awareness of gaming addiction and practical parental strategies
      • Awareness of social media and practical parental strategies
      • Awareness of cyber bullying and practical parental strategies
Teams will be working on the allocated key area with reference to this year’s theme - ‘I Wish My Parents Knew…’

4. Phases in the Challenge

Phase 1: LEARN

Cyber Wellness Boot Camp

  • Teams that register are required to attend a Boot Camp on 29, 30, 31 March or 1 April 2016 
  • Teams are required to send up to two representatives to attend the Boot Camp 
  • During the Boot Camp, team representatives will attend a seminar on pertinent Cyber Wellness issues and content from the experts and consultants in the Cyber Wellness field. They will subsequently be allocated a key area of interest which they will focus on

  • Preliminary Round (Submission of Awareness Proposal) 
  • Each team will be required to submit a proposal on how they intend to create awareness amongst parents in the key area of interest they are allocated, with the tagline “I Wish My Parents Knew …” 
  • Deadline for submission of proposal for this Preliminary Round: 22 April 2016, 5pm
  • Finalists will be announced on 13 May 2016
  • Phase 2: CREATE

    Final Round (MasterClass for Shortlisted Finalists)

  • Top 6 teams of each category from the Preliminary Round will be shortlisted to take part in the Final Round 
  • Teams that make it into the final round will attend a 2-day MasterClass from 31 May to 1 June 2016 conducted by consultants in the Cyber Wellness research industry 
  • During the 2-day MasterClass, teams will acquire additional in-depth knowledge about Cyber Wellness pertaining to the three areas of interest of this year’s theme and be guided to create quality Cyber Wellness content which will subsequently be published on the Cyber Wellness for Parents app
  • Teams will also work on an Advocacy Outreach Plan detailing how they intend to make use of the team-designed content and resources in the app to engage parents and other stakeholders to advocate positive and healthy Cyber Wellness practices in school and at home

    Final Presentation

  • At the end of the 2nd day of MasterClass, finalists will present both their Cyber Wellness content and resources together with their Advocacy Outreach Plans to the judging panel 
  • Judges will score each team based on how well they have designed their content and resources, and how well they have crafted their Advocacy Outreach Plan 

    Phase 3: ADVOCATE

    Advocacy and Outreach

  • From Jun to Sep 2016, the 12 finalist teams will execute their Advocacy Outreach Plans to reach out to as many parents as possible on the Cyber Wellness for Parents app and encourage them to declare their commitment towards healthy Cyber Wellness practices at home
  • Contestants who reach out to the most parents to engage and indicate commitment will score top points

    Final Tally and Prize Presentation 

  • Judging will take place from Oct to Nov 2016 and the top 3 teams from both categories will be selected based on the scores from the Final Presentation Phase and the Advocacy Outreach Phase s