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School Song & Crest

School Song

School Song
Oh, let us join our school to praise,
Sing blithe and gay and free,
Resolve to follow courteous ways,
And ever truthful be.
To study hard and play with zest,
To always strive to do our best.
Sincere in all our living
And generous in our giving.

Our school colours yellow and blue,
Mean ideals good and clean.
The lotus emblem pure and true,
Forever makes us keen.
To cherish our Alma Mater,
Now and forever later.
Onward with zeal and zest,
Forward we of CGS.

And though of diverse creeds we be,
Together we must work.
Without a trace of jealousy,
Our aim is not to shirk.
In Maths or Science or Geography,
Or games which make us fit and free.
The day when we must part,
May Crescent remain in our hearts.

School Crest

School Crest
The Open Book Represents Knowledge and Wisdom.
The Lotus Emblem signifies Purity and Truth.
The School Colours are yellow and blue which stand for Ideals Good and Clean.