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Mission, Vision & Values

Crescent Girls' School is not a mere physical structure. To Crescentians past and present, Crescent is a place where young minds blossom and where the timeless lessons of life are engraved on hearts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and inspire in each Crescentian a sense of her own potential as:
  • an excellent and well-balanced scholar,
  • a disciplined, responsible member of society, and
  • a caring, gracious citizen of the world.

Our Vision

To be a premier school with a nurturing and innovative environment that prepares students to be ladies and leaders of tomorrow.

Our Core Values 

The Crescentian DIET:
C  – Developing Strength of Character
D  – Making a Difference
I   – Being Innovative and Passionate Learners
E  – Having a Mindset of Excellence
T  – Teamwork and Showing Care and Concern for One Another