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Mission, Vision & Values

Crescent Girls' School is not a mere physical structure. To Crescentians past and present, Crescent is a place where young minds blossom and where the timeless lessons of life are engraved on hearts.

Our Vision

Ladies and Leaders of Tomorrow

As Ladies: Crescentians will be nurtured to become gracious, well-mannered young women. They are discerning individuals who conduct themselves with poise, wisdom and humility. Compassionate, they have the heart to act for others.

As Leaders: Crescentians will be developed to become future-ready individuals who are nimble in navigating complexities and adaptable in the face of challenges. By holding firm to their convictions and modelling the way they are able to influence others to make a difference.

In sum: As reflective ladies and leaders of tomorrow, Crescentians work towards being the best possible versions of themselves. They draw lessons and inspiration in the success of others and are motivated to help others to succeed.

Our Mission

Confident Learners
Crescentians are self-directed individuals who demonstrate a positive learning disposition. Undaunted by challenges, they are passionate, curious and willing to take risks in their learning.  Comfortable with ambiguity and multiple perspectives, they dare to seek clarification and learn from feedback in order to achieve their goals.

Global Citizens
Crescentians are open-minded individuals who embrace diversity across cultures. Being well-informed, they demonstrate a keen awareness of local and global issues and are culturally sensitive in their communication with others. They are empathetic and compassionate towards others and strive to contribute to the local and global community.

Servant Leaders
As servant leaders, Crescentians are motivated by the desire to serve. They make the choice to serve and through serving, they aspire to lead. They are individuals of character  who: 
put others first,
communicate skillfully,
collaborate well with others,
imagine possibilities,
demonstrate adaptability, and
gain the respect and trust of others to do the right things.

Our Core Values 


Courage: Having the moral courage to adhere to values/showing a clear sense of what is right and wrong in what we say and do
Resilience: Having a Growth Mindset, and demonstrating strength of character and grit.
Drive: Demonstrating a mindset of excellence in all our pursuits.
Innovativeness: Embracing opportunities for learning and self-improvement so as to make a difference in our family, school and nation
Empathy: Acting in consideration of others in the school community and beyond 
Teamwork: Tapping on the strengths of different team members in order to achieve more than what individual members can do alone