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Secondary 3 Orientation@Crescent

"During the Sec 3 orientation, our school's alumnae came back to share their study tips with us. That was useful in helping me adjust better to the new Secondary 3 life. Our class also played lots of fun bonding games to get to know our new classmates and form teachers better."
Written by Clara Ling En Qi (3G2)

“I found the Sec 3 orientation an enjoyable experience as it really made the class more bonded! Because of it, I managed to forge new friendships, talk to and understand more people, and be comfortable with the new faces around me. I also managed to somewhat find my voice in my new class which is crucial in class sharing activities (and it will definitely improve over the 2 years). Overall, I find the orientation very meaningful and helpful in terms of integrating me into secondary 3 life.”
Written by Yin Liu Si Yuan (3G2)

“This year’s orientation was indeed memorable as I was able to form new relationships and go through new experiences. Although my class was a new class with fresh faces, I really felt that we bonded well and everyone was so welcoming. The teachers also made the class feel welcomed through their warm and charismatic nature. The advice that the graduated seniors gave us was also very useful and I was able to learn many coping mechanisms that I find will definitely be useful later on in the year especially during weighted assessments periods. One of the most memorable experiences I had was the bonding games that we played such as “bang!” where we were able to memorise the faces and names of our friends while being actively involved. Overall, I feel that the people that are in this class are what make the class home.”
Written by Alison Tan Rui En (3G2)

“Going from Sec 2 to Sec 3 was really scary as I was going to be in a whole new class with people whom I did not know. In addition, there were new subjects to study and the workload is definitely heavier than what were used to in Sec 2. The Secondary 3 orientation made it much easier for us to interact and bond with our classmates through fun activities. These activities really helped to break the ice among us. Workshops were also organised with instructors teaching us how to study effectively which helped us feel more prepared for Secondary 3 life.”
Written by Rachel Lau Min Xi (3G2)