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Cool Classics @the Esplanade

Themed ‘Cool Classics’, the Crescent Girls’ School Symphonic Band delighted audiences at the Esplanade Concourse with an impressive performance on 27 February. It is one performance that would be indelibly etched in my mind.

The moment my friends and I entered the hall, we were pleasantly surprised at the number of people who had turned up for our school band’s performance. We wove through the crowd to get a better view of our bandmates whom we spotted coming out from backstage. As they entered, enthusiastic cheers and applause filled the entire hall.

The emcees introduced the band to the public, who had by then whipped out their phones, all ready to record the performance. The conductors came on stage, followed by another warm round of applause for the band. Silence ensued. The moment the conductor’s hand signalled for the starting, the striking first note of “Forward March” was played. The light atmosphere, created by the soft notes and fast tempos, enabled the audience to experience a sense of joy and bliss. Upon seeing my seniors standing in the spotlight, I felt a wave of pride for the band wash over me. I was amazed at the product of their endless hard work: so beautiful, so magical.

Watching them perform on stage was indeed inspirational; it was a moment in which was planted in our hearts, the secret hope to one day be able to perform at such a grand place, showcasing my talent to many others.

Written by Emma Lau (3G3), Elisha Tang (3C1), Jean Ong (3G2), Reann Chen (3G3)