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2022 O level Results

CGS Corporate Communications Committee: "Who are some of the people you would like to thank and what would you say to them?"

Harnoor: “I would like to thank my teachers, who worked as hard as I did in paving the way for me to score so well. Besides going to great and amusing lengths to help us improve our performance, they were an ally first and an educator second. Thank you for all your help!”
Harnoor Virdi (4S1,Class of 2021)   

 Ko Ko: “I am grateful to have had many friends that helped me along the way. Some helped me academically, like explaining certain concepts to me or making me think about questions I would never have thought about; some helped emotionally, like motivating me to study hard when I was feeling lazy.”
Saung Hnin Phyu Ko Ko (4G2, Class of 2021)   

Charmaine: “I'm very thankful for my teachers - especially those who taught me in Secondary Four, and friends who have guided me throughout my Crescent journey. They would never hesitate to offer help when I faced difficulties and have helped me grow so much as a person. Even when we were receiving our O-level results, they were encouraging till the end and told us not to be discouraged if we didn’t do as well as we expected.”
Charmaine Chay Zhangmin (4G1, Class of 2021)