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Teachers Day Celebration

Teachers’ Day - what does it mean? To find out what this special day means to Crescentions, let’s take a closer look at the celebration that was held on Teachers’ Day at Crescent.

On 2 September, Crescentians started the day by decorating their classrooms with vibrant and colourful ornaments such as streamers and balloons to create a festive atmosphere. That morning, students could be seen bustling around the school to present their gifts to their beloved teachers, expressing their heartfelt appreciation. Soon, the roar of activity settled down as students made their way back to their classrooms and welcomed their teachers into their classrooms to begin the celebration. Although we could not gather in the hall for the celebrations but only in the classrooms, this year’s celebration was just as special as in previous years.

Pre-recorded dances, songs and skits were presented to the teachers, each performance expressing gratitude and appreciation to the teachers for the hard work that the teachers had put in. The most memorable was a skit by the Drama club that portrayed the trials and tribulation that a teacher goes through, and it indeed was very emotional as it highlighted just how hard a teacher’s life was. It was truly an eye opener for all of us, and we definitely appreciated our teachers more. Additionally, the secondary one to Secondary Four levels also put up a heart-warming stitched-together song for the teachers, which was indeed quite moving. No words can truly express the blood, sweat and tears that the teachers put in for us, coming to class every day, and juggling the countless responsibilities and tasks in school with their role as a parent or spouse at home. Soon, the celebration came to an end, and we students left with a feeling of gratitude in our hearts.

Teacher’s Day is a day where students appreciate all teachers for everything they have done for us. It is a day where Crescentians celebrate the sacrifices of their beloved teachers and tell them that we will always be there for them, as they have been there for us!

Written by Alison Tan Rui En (2S2)