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O level Journey of Crescent Girls' students

Our student sharing their stories on their life journey towards O level. Congrats ladies! You are always our future leaders.

My O level journey

    "Upon receiving my results and realizing I had done better than expected, I immediately heaved a sigh of relief. As I shared my results with family members, a wave of happiness came over me knowing that I did my parents proud. A study strategy that I employed was to set realistic goals every day and make sure that I accomplished everything on my list, instead of procrastinating and letting my revision work snowball. I learnt to exercise self-discipline, deactivating my social media accounts as well as silencing my phone when I studied, making my studying environment more conducive.

    Crescent school culture has benefitted me tremendously in both in my studies and how it has motivated me. In Crescent, my teachers willingly gave up their free time to arrange consultation sessions with us, often lasting till late in the afternoon. We were also encouraged to email to them questions we may have. This ensured that my doubts were clarified quickly and I better understood my topics.

    My friends and teachers were strong pillars of support during the run-up to O Levels. My schoolmates and I carried out peer teaching and encouraged one another to never give up even when the going got tough. My teachers sent us many emails to boost our self-confidence, gave us “exam packs” and pep talks to further motivate us.

    I hope to enter Nanyang Junior College where I will continue working hard strive for excellence in order to fulfill my dream to study medicine in the future."

Reported by Anna Koh Wen  Qing(4G1)


My O level journey

    "Since I entered secondary school, I was always satisfied with my mediocre grades scored during tests and assignments, sometimes even barely passing. My realisation that I had to do well in the Secondary Three year-end examination to be promoted to Secondary 4 woke me from my state of complacency. This became the motivating factor for me to improve in my academics.

    Another thing that I learnt and which helped me tremendously was to be able to prioritise the tasks that I had to complete. Indeed, I had a lot of work to catch up. I had no choice but to let go of many other commitments which were, to be honest, not really necessary.  Having a daily planner allowed me to plan my time around my studies, which enabled me to still enjoy some of the hobbies I loved doing. It was also a way for me to unwind.

    Often times I felt overwhelmed by the seemingly unending tons of materials to read and comprehend. Thankfully, I had teachers who advised me on how to strike a balance between work and play.  I made it a point to take breaks which were indeed crucial for my health, both mental and physical. This helped me cope with times when I felt burnt out and hopeless.

I am planning to continue my studies in the International Baccalaureate programme, and I am considering studying medicine or business at university. I know that with consistent hard work, I will attain my goals, just like how I did for my O Levels."

 Reported by: Katie Wang Li Ling (4C2)


Here's to O level

    "My motivation to study hard came from the realisation that the O Levels were approaching and that I had to be serious. My friends encouraged me to work hard, fearing I would be left behind. My studies took up a lot of my time, so prioritising what really needed to be done was important. For activities that required me to actively communicate with peers such as CCA/class planning and project work, I made it a point to complete them first. As for individual work, I did them at my own time and own pace. I divided my work into smaller bits to make them more manageable, which motivated me to finish the whole piece. In between each section of work, I did other things like watch a short YouTube video or walk around the house to avoid burn out.

     Procrastination was a big problem for me, even into my prelims. Work, to me, was a painful ordeal that I avoided many a time. However, the O levels being round the corner jolted me awake and I went full steam ahead. Getting started was my biggest issue. Thankfully I found a way to overcome this hurdle. I discovered that taking out my work and putting it on the table helped tremendously, as this made it fully visible so that I was constantly reminded of what I had to do.

    Looking ahead into the future, I hope to do well in the polytechnic course I have applied for and head on to university. I do not know what the right decision is, nor the best path others say to take, but whatever the choice I have made, I will do my best for sure."

 Reported by: Tenzin Dhakar (4C2)


Receiving my O level results.....

    After sneaking a glance at my result slip, a wave of shock and amazement washed over me. Even though I had already been admitted into my dream Junior College through DSA, I was so anxious about my results that I could not sleep the night before. Thankfully, everything turned out all right after all. My English grade was way beyond my expectation. I have never dreamed I would score an A1 for English! As a foreign student, I have been struggling with English Language for years.
However, everything changed since I joined Crescent Girls’ in Secondary Three. I am very grateful that I was assigned an experienced English teacher to give me extra lessons every week so that I could catch up quickly. I am very grateful to be part of S1, a big family where everyone was kind and considerate. My fellow classmates were always willing to answer my questions and help me unconditionally. I am very grateful to have been taught by so many extraordinary teachers, who gave their time for consultations sessions and to explain concepts to me over and over again. Without Crescent, without all these lovely teachers and friends, I would not have achieved what I accomplished. For me, the secret recipe for doing well in the O levels is very simple - friends, teachers and, of course, diligence on our part!  

 Reported by Zhao Ziyi (4S1)