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Chinese New Year Celebration 2021

This year, Crescent celebrated Chinese New Year (CNY) on 11 February 2021. If I could describe this year’s Chinese New Year celebration in one word, it would be ‘fervent’. Even though this year’s CNY celebration was unlike the other years, I am sure that Crescentians still enjoyed the line-up of programmes planned immensely.

 This year’s celebration kick-started with our form teacher and class interaction session, followed by an address from Mrs Chong. Following that, we watched a video on the history of ‘Nian’ before we were treated to an array of performances from our performing arts CCAs, including the Chinese and Modern Dance Society and the Angklung and Kulintang ensemble. We got to see the iconic lion dance performance, as well as a dance choreography to our familiar and well-loved Chinese New Year songs! The Angklung and Kulintang ensemble then put up a dazzling performance of melodious songs which left Crescentians in awe! The highlight of the celebration was the Chinese New Year “Music Video (MV)”, directed and produced by our very own teachers. It was definitely entertaining seeing our teachers who “performed” and sang to the CNY song! The celebration ended with a traditional knot-tying competition. Although mine turned out a little odd shaped, I was proud of it as it was my first time at this! All in all, it was definitely a memorable Chinese New Year celebration for the Crescentian Family.

 Wishing everyone an ‘Oxpicious’ and happy ‘Niu’ year from the Crescent!

 Reported by Victoria Tay Shi En (4S1)