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International Friendship Day

Imagine having to think of meaningful games that are equally attractive to all Crescentians of all 4 levels? That was exactly what my groupmates and I had to do. The many drafts and ideas attest to the time and effort we spent coming up with these games. It is not as easy as it seems.

Unlike previous years, we had to come up with games that are fun while ensuring that they allow us to observe safe management measures (SMM). Many underlying disruptive factors presented challenges when we were deciding on suitable level competitions as well. These competitions needed students to stick to their assigned groups within their classes. As such, adjustments had to be made to the rubrics as well as the type of games played. These are necessary to keep Crescent safe as we are amid a global pandemic. A key moment of the level competitions had to be the experience of grading the levels. Looking through the Hashtag page and looking at the glorious entries enthralled me. The exhilaration we felt when we saw Crescentians clapping loudly during the announcement of the level competition was great. I was amazed when I was able to experience how Crescentians were very enthusiastic about the games. Although IFD was commemorated in our own classrooms at different timings, I felt that it was as good given the fact that I have never experienced such a Crescent IFD and was very eager to find out how it would turn out to be.

Even though we knew that IFD would not be carried out in our usual way, the enthusiasm of Crescentians does not waver easily. All in all, I felt that IFD was a success and that the time and effort that was put into it was not wasted. Being the IC for IFD level competition was indeed a new, different, and fruitful experience!

Written by: CrezAm EXCO