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Hockey C Divs

Hockey C Division 2019

We started the season with doubts if we were good enough. All of us were new to each other and we were not a united team yet. Trainings were painful and our coach made us work hard. School work and activities took up a lot of our energy and time from us. Being the team captain, I felt an enormous stress on my shoulders and sometimes wondered if I was ready to lead the team. We won the first game and all of sudden things started to look different. I started to believe in myself and had a lot of encouragement from teachers, family and coaches. Coach Nordin started to give us more freedom and I felt he was beginning to trust our play. We only lost once with St. Nicholas. In the semi-finals, we met Sengkang. It was perhaps my greatest moment as I scored two goals for my team. I was overwhelmed and my team was overjoyed. We entered the finals! Meeting the team that beat us in one of our previous games made us nervous. We wondered if we can beat them. Again, we had doubts and felt pressure to succeed. We wanted it so bad as the last time the school won was in 2017. I really wanted us to win the trophy back for the school. The team trained hard and I prayed hard that we will do our best. We did and we won. It was amazing and unbelievable. I am so proud of our team.

Written by: Theekshaa Jayani Pillai (2G1)