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Tamil Competition 2019

Through the Tamil Literary Competitions 2019, we not only learnt a lot about our language, but also the value of team work and time management. Having had to work under tight deadlines, we prepared ourselves by reading on Tamil Literature and consolidated our learning through key points prior to the actual competition. Soon, our motivation was not just about winning but also understanding more about our Mother Tongue and representing our school at the National level. During times when we felt like giving up, motivation from our teacher, families and friends helped us press on and gain more knowledge on the subject matter. Specific components of the competition such as essay writing, individual oratorical, quizzes and drama all served their purpose of polishing our skills through varying perspectives. Overall, the experience from the competition improved our collaboration skills and our confidence in expressing our thoughts. We also became more appreciative of our Mother Tongue and are better able to communicate in Tamil. This enriching experience has made us realise the value of team work and support from peers and mentors, and will certainly serve as guidance for future competitions.

Written by: Oviya Ramakrishnan (3S2) and Srinivasan Udhaya (4S1)