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National Day

This year’s theme for National Day was “Our Singapore”. It was a significant day for all Singaporeans as Singapore was celebrating its 200th Anniversary since Sir Stamford Raffles first step foot in Singapore.

On the morning of the celebrations, seeing Crescentians walking into the school in a wave of red and white was a very memorable sight. The students were extremely excited about being dismissed from school early as well as looking forward to the celebrations! During morning assembly, similar to every year, all of the uniformed groups put up a parade for the school. It was truly a wonderful sight, seeing all the uniformed groups marching in sync.

Throughout the National Day concert, there never failed to be a huge smile across the Crescentians’ faces. They were enthusiastically singing along to their all-time favourite National Day songs. All of the Secondary Four classes also came up to stage for community singing; a tradition of Crescent where all Secondary Fours do a music video of a National Day song and perform it during the actual celebrations. It was really sweet to see all of the classes united as one, spending one of their last few memorable moments with one another. 

Our last segment was something that Crescentians enjoyed so much – our yearly tradition. Every year, CrezAmbassadors play the all-time favourite ‘Home’ song as part of the finale. Upon hearing this song, all Crescentians would stand where they are and hold on to the shoulders of any Crescentian beside them and do a ‘Choo Choo train’ while singing along to the song. It is always heart-warming to see this, because it shows how we as Crescentians, have a strong love for Singapore.

Overall, the event was definitely a success and we hope that Crescentians will continue to enjoy National Day every year!

Written by: CrezAmbassadors EXCO 2019/2020