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Hockey B Division 2019

This year’s hockey B division preparation was more challenging as our usual training venue was under renovation. This made us feel more committed to take each training seriously, making full use of whatever opportunities we had. Undoubtedly, it was tiring, but the team continuously supported each other. We would simply give each other a pat on the back or refill our teammate’s water bottles to keep ourselves motivated. Our coach was with us throughout the entire training process and even signed us up for the U19 girls’ hockey NJL to gear us up for the actual tournament that was in a month’s time. We stayed back after trainings to improve our basic skills and helped point out each other’s mistakes so that we can improve our play. Through these late evenings spent with each other, the team spirit grew stronger and we functioned as one team. Throughout the season, our team stayed together, and played as one. We encouraged each other and put in our 100% for each match. With trust and might, we made it into the finals. It was tough, but we played with much resilience against a formidable opponent. Though we lost, it was an honourable one. Disappointment was inevitable, however, what mattered most to the team was not the winning or losing, rather the strong bonds we forged throughout the years. We hold our heads high with pride for Crescent Hockey will forever be #1 in all our hearts.

Written by: Lim Jee Min Jolene (4S2), Heidi Heng Min (4C1), Racheal Ong Xin Rui (4G1)