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Maethavi is a Tamil language competition hosted by the Tamil channel, Vasantham. Twenty seven schools from all over Singapore participated in this competition but only three schools made it to the finals. Four secondary four Tamil students from our school, Gurupriya, Mrithini, Kirubakaran Nila and Gunaseelan Sharon participated in this competition. We are very proud to say that we clinched the 1st Runner Up position in this competition. It was no easy ordeal to overcome, with our exams just around the corner, when we participated in the preliminary and semi-final rounds. 

The competition consists of four rounds, the first of which is translating English words into their Tamil form. The second round was to guess a popular celebrity, given clues about their achievements. The third round was to solve math questions given in Tamil. The final round focused on facts about Singapore. 

We spent a few hours every day studying Singapore’s history, iconic places in Singapore, memorizing dates and names that were of historical value. We practised tirelessly and this ultimately led us to being the top 3 among the 27 schools that participated. 

We would like to thank our teacher in charge, Mr. Sambandam Mohan. We would not have been able to do it without our teacher's constant guidance, support and nurturing. Our heartfelt thanks goes to our mother tongue classmates who took the time to support us and be our pillar of support during this competition itself.

Reported by Gunaseelan Sharon (4C2), Mrithini d/o T G Gritharan (4C2)