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5.00 am. When most people are still snuggled under their comfortable blankets on their 12 inch latex mattresses, the House leaders roll up their paper-thin sleeping bags and get ready to leave for Toa Payoh Stadium, the location of our biennial Sports Carnival. Everyone is still in a daze, but amazingly still manages to scurry around with a packet of half-drunk milo in one hand and some equipment in the other. The next half an hour sees House Leaders packing things up onto the buses while stealing bites of breakfast when running back to get more equipment.

Once the bus pulls to a stop at the stadium carpark, the action is lightning fast and everything is unloaded from the bus’s cargo compartment. With a shout of “HOUSE, NOT TIRED!” the House Leaders quickly transform the stadium into the carnival that will happen in an hour’s time.

The stadium begins to fill with Crescentians. The barren grey and cold concrete stands start to awaken with the five colours of Crescent House and the buzz of the students’ chatter liven the entire atmosphere as the emcees for the day make their first announcements for everyone to report to their respective duty locations.

Cheers fills the air as our Principal, Mrs Tan Chen Kee finally declares the carnival open. The words “CG 60” is formed on the grass patch by the various Houses and in unison, the House Leaders shout, “Happy CG 60!”

The first runners are positioned at the start line. Everyone is silent and the atmosphere is tense. The starter calls, “On your marks!” Their whole body with all fingers stiffen behind the line. “Get set!” They prop their backs up, some rocking a little from anticipation. A loud blast of the air horn goes off and the runners channel all their energy into springing up for a good start. The student body roars and cheers for their House runners. The first girl nears the finishing line and she cranes her neck forward to edge out her competitors, winning the race at a good timing of 15.53 seconds. The crowd goes wild as they see the youngest of the Crescentians run their hearts out for the first time.

“G-DOUBLE O-D J-O-B GOOD JOB GOOD JOB!” Despite the morning sun in their faces, Crescentians are still full of zest.

Apart from the events on the track, the field is also a flurry of activities, as huge and modified versions of old-school games like “Goli” and “Baling Kelapa” are set up. Students make their way to the field to play the games, motivated by promises of House points and prizes to be won at the games. With her eyes on the prize, a participant takes aim, she shoots, she misses! Awww… try again my dear!

Then come the most memorable events of the day – the Inter-House staff race and the CG 60 Past vs Present races! The students scream and cheer for their teachers and parents as they run and perform tasks like transporting an egg on a spoon or hopping with a ball in between the legs. Everyone loves to see their teachers at work as it is usually the case the other way round!

Soon, it is time for the awards ceremony and so many medals and trophies are given out! As each name is read out, the audience clap and cheer and the participants too are a bundle of joy as they take photos with each other. Some of them have a few medals hanging on their necks, a testament to the fantastic job they’ve done through the morning.

Finally, the much awaited results for champion House of 2016 arrives. Everyone goes silent, the Houses can be seen huddling together and the House mascots, usually lively as little birds, stay still like gargoyles. “And the Champion House, with a total of 4735 points is… FRY HOUSE!”

Fryians jump for joy and tears stream down some of their faces. Happiness radiates from them as they celebrate their hard-earned victory after breaking the 14-year dry spell of not winning champion House. They hug each other and shout their cheers together. “Victory, victory is for FRY!”

It is truly a memorable day and as Crescentians stream out of the stadium after the school song and cheer; one cannot help but reflect on how the entire Sports Carnival has shown us the importance of support and camaraderie. Next year, it will be Cross-Country but surely, everyone will still be encouraging one another and be extremely enthusiastic.

CG60: Crescendo

2016 marks a very special year for Crescent Girls’ School. It is the year which sees Crescent Girls’ School celebrating her 60th birthday, with many events throughout the year to acknowledge this special occasion. One such event is our Speech Day 2016, themed “Crescendo”.

Speech Day 2016 was truly spellbinding. Everyone wore huge smiles on their faces as the event progressed, proud of the fact that our school has conquered 60 years.

To kickstart the event, the Crescent Girls’ Symphonic Band performed their rendition of a wind ensemble entitled The Knight of the Sky, accompanied by the beautiful use of vocals in the performance, which indeed captivated the audience.

More awesome moments followed during the Principal, Mrs Tan Chen Kee’s  speech, in which she played a video recording which traced the history of our school which started out as a small co-ed school, which grew into an all- girls’ school, to become what it is today. Mrs Tan also mentioned how our school’s progress had skyrocketed in the past few years, being one of the schools selected to be a Future school. Every year, a new cohort of ladies and leaders step out into the real world, all ready in their own ways to make a difference in people’s lives.

A major part of the event was the prize giving. Students walked proudly up on stage to receive their prize they had worked hard for, while their parents clapped with sheer pride and joy.

Also enjoying the honour were members of the staff who have worked in the school for 10 years or more. Students cheered loudly upon seeing their own teachers onstage. It was a truly memorable event.

The Chinese and Modern Dance Society brought the event to a close with a wonderful dance entitled “Reaching Beyond”. The audience were thrilled as they watched the dancers put up a spectacular performance, encompassing the idea of “Crescendo” in their gentle at first, but later strong and lively movements. A thunderous applause filled the air when the dance ended, signalling the end of Speech Day 2016.

Speech Day 2016 was a huge success, indeed an event to remember. We look forward to an equally spectacular Speech Day 2017!

Reported by Ting Hou Yee (3C2); Senthil Kumar Abirami (3S2)

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Math Challenge

The Ngee Ann Polytechnic Math Challenge is a competition jointly organized by the School of Interdisciplinary Studies and the School of Engineering. Through a series of fun-filled activities, it engages students in practical situations where students  apply their mathematical knowledge to come up with solutions. One example was the use of a clinometer to determine the height of an object through the application of trigonometry concepts.

Upon entering the campus, we received a warm welcome from the enthusiastic student helpers and programme facilitators. We were then divided into groups of 8. In order to accomplish our mission, we had to visit various stations in order to obtain the necessary clues and information. 

Our first station was a 50-minute quiz which not only tested our fundamentals of Mathematics but also gave us an overview of our strengths and weaknesses upon completion. Following that, we proceeded to other stations where we were held spell-bound by the enthralling activities laid ahead of us. One particularly intriguing activity was the Glow-in-the-Dark Challenge where we were tasked to solve logic puzzles and calculate the time in which the ‘lasers’ would be switched off so that the group would have the opportunity to escape from a room monitored by motion sensors.    

The Math Challenge concluded with a prize presentation ceremony and we were delighted to have emerged the Overall Champion for the day.

On the whole, the Math Challenge was indeed an eye-opener for most of us as it allowed us the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Mathematics and its relevance to our daily lives.

Reported by Lua Sock Sin (4S1)

“Crescent Hockey Forever”: Crescent Girls’ School Past VS Present

The Past vs Present Hockey Carnival (held twice a year) is a longstanding tradition that provides a platform for Past players and Present players to forge bonds across different generations of Crescent Hockey players. This is an event that everyone in the Crescent Hockey Family looks forward to as it has never failed to be a morning of Hockey fun enjoyed by all. Despite coming from different backgrounds and being of different age groups (ranging from 13 - 50 over years old), the common identity of being a member of Crescent Hockey creates such a strong bond among the players. This year, the carnival took place on 28 May 2016.

As Present players, observing how the Past players play allows us to pick up practical skills we can put to use on the pitch. Seeing how the Past players play skilfully with deftness gives us the motivation and determination to train harder, and eventually maintain the high standards of Crescent Hockey. We really look up to our seniors and we see them as our role models.

The Past players also enjoy the carnival as they feel it lets them catch up with their batch mates, seniors as well as juniors and gives them a chance to play with their ex-teammates as a team again and bond over the friendly matches.

The steady increase in participants over the last dozen years is heart-warming and something everyone at Crescent Hockey is very proud of. Everyone at Crescent Hockey knows that this “Crescent Hockey Forever” spirit will stand the test of time!

Reported by Rachel Chua (3S3)

Student Leadership Fortnight @ CGS

As part of the CG60 celebrations, we concluded our Semester 1 with our very own Student Leadership Fortnight. Over the past 2 weeks, all students from Crescent had been given a chance to be inspired to be advocates of change through different activities. The 2 weeks started off with an exhibition, a collaboration with the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame, on women leaders who have been good role models in their own field of work. Crescentians were to look out for former Crescentians who were featured in the Hall of Fame. Through this, they were able to learn more about Ms Ho Ching, Ms Lim Hwee Hwa and Ms Lee Sok Bee, who are leaders in their own organisations.

Additionally, our student leaders had the privilege of being involved in a series of events in line with the Leadership Fortnight. Firstly, the EXCO members of the 4 four leadership groups had the opportunity to meet representatives from Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame who were able to provide us more insight on the countless achievements of these women. Secondly, Crescent also planned and executed the Student Leadership Conference, involving student leaders from 33 other schools across Singapore, all of whom have the similar desire to learn how to be better leaders and to serve our community with more passion and vigour. Change-maker, Ms Elim Chew shared about her leadership journey as a social entrepreneur, inspiring us to challenge the process as we serve others. There were also many other prominent speakers who graced the event and shared with us their own leadership journeys during the breakout sessions. Some of the leaders were Joanne Soo and Lee Peh Gee from the Singapore Women’s Mount Everest Team, Singapore’s first Golden Girl, Ms Patricia Chan and our very own Crescentian Ms Tin Pei Ling.

Personally, I was extremely inspired by the Mount Everest Team as they shared their story with us. Their perseverance and passion to scale the Everest and the amount of effort they put into it made me reflect and want to be as passionate about what I do in life. All in all, I would say that the Leadership Fortnight was indeed a great way for me to dream bigger and lead better.


Reported by Bhavana D/O Rajaram, 3G1
Vice-President of the Student Council