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National Schools Literature Festival 2016

On the 16 July, ten Sec 2 students represented CGS in the National Schools Literature Festival 2016, in the Book Trailer segment, held at CHIJ Katong Convent..

Before our performance on the actual day, we listened to a hilarious and thoughtful presentation by a literature professor who spoke about the importance of Literature and how the subject represents us. Soon, it was out turn to perform and we were honestly very anxious as we faced very strong competition from the other schools. We performed and did our best, reminding each other of the need to enjoy the performance. Despite the actual venue being a lot smaller than our rehearsal venues and facing limitations such as having 2 members being unwell, we did our best and hoped for the best.

After our performance and while waiting for the release of the results, we took the opportunity to visit other venues. We watched the drama performances by the other schools and were extremely impressed with the level of performance. We also thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the Book Parade where we learned a lot about the different books that other schools were studying for literature and more about the books that we were already using.  The students came up with many interesting ways to bring out the main ideas of the stories. For example, one booth had a game where you had to make choices in different situations to get out of jail!

Throughout this entire experience, I have learned how to think creatively to solve problems and the importance of teamwork. Without the full cooperation of my teammates, we would not have been able to achieve what we did, to emerge 2nd t for the Book Trailer competition. I also learned to focus on the process rather than the end product. Although we did not obtain the first prize, I still had a very enriching experience. The fond memories that I have formed during the Literature Festival will definitely stay with me for a long time.

Reported by: Paeony Yeo 2G2

The Singapore Science & Engineering Fair

The Singapore Science & Engineering Fair (SSEF) is a national competition organised by MOE, A*STAR and the Science Centre Singapore. The SSEF is affiliated to the prestigious Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), which is regarded as the Olympics of science competitions. It is an honour to have not only participated in this competition but also to have clinched the Silver Award. Two teams from our school participated in SSEF in mid-March 2016 over the course of two days.

We had the golden opportunity to showcase our research findings conducted in the Science Mentorship Programme, this year in SSEF. My team embarked on a year-long journey with the Republic Polytechnic with Dr.Valavan. Not to deny, it was a challenging pathway in which we had to balance our CCAs, school commitments and the research project. My team members and I have an unwavering passion for the Science and our experience further piqued our interest in the area. Our team project title was: PLASTIC HEAT SINK SUITABLE FOR ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS AND DEVICES. In Secondary 3, last year, we met up with our mentor twice a week as well as during the June Holidays. It was no mean feat as we encountered numerous challenges along the journey. At times, our experimental results proved to be unsuccessful, nevertheless, we strove for the best.

Adding on, we presented our research findings in the International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technology (ICMAT). We also published a paper regarding our research work and we are proud that our project received such a welcoming response. Moving on, we presented our research work in the Youth Science Conference where we clinched the Distinction Award. It was then that our mentor suggested that we participate in the Science and Engineering Fair. With a fervour to bring glory to Crescent, we again set appointments to mee with our mentor and worked to create a model. We took great effort and once again are proud to announce that we clinched the Silver Award in the prestigious Science and Engineering Fair. Over 350 projects, including those of Junior Colleges competed for the top three award placings. Not to mention, the other team too gave a tough fight, and was awarded Certificates of Participation for their hard work and effort.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our mentor, Dr. Valavan, our teachers who supported and guided us, Ms Low Sze Gin, Mr Charles Ng, Mrs Vasanthi, and Mr Lim Min Cho. We would also like to thank Mrs Tan for providing us with this wonderful opportunity. It was indeed an enriching and eye-opening experience.


Reported by: Catherine Ezhilvalavan, 4S1

To hunt or not to hunt - That was the question

On 16th August 2016, our team, comprising four Sec 3 literature students, took part in the annual National Schools Literature Festival. The festival is organised by a committee of Literature teachers and enthusiasts from various schools in Singapore to provide a platform for students studying the subject to come together to participate in activities that would enable them to apply what they have in the classrooms as well as to broaden their horizons by learning from each other.

 Our team represented Crescent in the upper secondary set text debates. The set text debates provided Literature students with an amazing opportunity to debate about their Literature texts and understand the novel from different points of view. Our literature text was William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies”, and the motion that stood before us was - Jack would be a better leader than Ralph. We were shocked as it was not that commonplace to take on the side of a character that has been generally considered to be a symbol of evil. Such a motion certainly did put our knowledge of the book and its characters to the test, and forced us to look at the novel from a completely different angle. Despite having little time, a lot of school work as well as other personal commitments, we managed to juggle all of our responsibilities along with the continued support of our peers as well as our teachers. After much research, preparation and teamwork we took part in the debate against Evergreen Secondary and after a tough clash of wits, emerged as victors. Even though we had to come up with our case while managing our personal commitments, the sweet taste of victory and the new knowledge gained of our text surely gave us the determination and the encouragement to keep succeeding and undoubtedly increased our appreciation for Literature. We may have gone into the debate with worries and doubts about the strength of our arguments and points, but we came out confident with victorious smiles on our faces.

Srihidhi Ragavendran (3C2)