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Secondary 3 English Language Inter-Class Debates

After having gone through a debate module during their English Language lessons, the Secondary 3 students engaged in several rounds of debates. One round of intra-class debates and two rounds of inter-class debates were held before the finals, with topics ranging from science to sports. The debaters worked tirelessly, doing research, crafting their arguments and anticipating counter-arguments. The teams from 3C2 and 3S1 fought their way to the top, defeating skilled opponents from other classes and finally emerging as the last two classes standing.

On 4th August, the two teams fought it out on stage during afternoon assembly, debating on the motion ‘This house believes that Singapore should introduce National Service for women’. The speakers delivered their speech with fluency and poise, and arguments were vaulted across the stage. Points of information were raised but the debaters remained unfazed, responding with quick wit. The audience cheered from the floor and the entire hall was on the edge of their seats. The debate was definitely an impressive battle of wits. However, only one team could reign as champion. After much discussion from the judges, the difficult decision was made and the team from 3S1 was crowned the victor.

The preparation for the debate was far from an easy one, as the debaters also had to juggle their studies, CCAs and other activities. However, it was definitely a rewarding journey and an experience like no other!

Reported by Goh Shyer Wern (3S1)

National Day Celebration@CGS

This year, Crescent Girls’ School celebrated the nation’s 50th birthday with a host of events leading up to the actual concert on 6 August 2015, getting Crescentians all ready and excited to celebrate the nation’s golden jubilee. This joyful event began with the annual marching parade, proudly presented by the four uniformed groups, upholding the pride of the nation and the discipline within them. Following the National Day Message delivered by the Vice-Principal, Ms Rajan, Mr Siow Chin Lam, a senior teacher, led the school to read out the Recollections.

Some of the highlights of the celebrations included the Mass Dance held at the hall, and the food fiesta at the canteen, organised by the Parent Support Group. In line with the SG50 celebration, the Parents Support Group offered a range of delicious food and planned activities for all Crescentians to enjoy. Over at the school auditorium, the annual school dance was simultaneously carried out by the house leaders in the auditorium and the Crescentians had a whale of a time working out, bonding amongst themselves and igniting the school spirit.

After the various activities, all Crescentians came together for the main highlight of the day which was the National Day Concert. Hosted by the CrezAmbassadors, the concert featured performances by our very own secondary 4 students who came up with fantastic music videos for the different national day songs. The secondary 3 students too came up with costumes inspired by national icons in Singapore and this was presented to the school the day before the celebration, as a lead in to the concert itself. However, this year was special not only because we were celebrating our nation’s 50th birthday, but also because our guests from Rainbow Centre decided to perform an item for all Crescentians which was well received. It was indeed heart-warming to see all Crescentians standing up and joining in the exercise, showing their support to our guest from Rainbow Centre who were so enthusiastic in their performance.

This year’s National Day celebration was indeed both memorable and enjoyable for everyone. It would not have been a success without the participation and active involvement of everyone. After all, every one of us marks our nation’s identity. With this, the CrezAmbassadors would like to thank every single one of you for making this celebration a successful one. Let us all march forward to more celebrations and wonderful moments as a nation. Majulah Singapura.

 Reported by Rachel Ow 3S3

National Inter-school 'C' Division Hockey Finals

This year’s C division Hockey tournament was indeed one to remember for the Crescent Girls' team. The team put in every ounce of effort they had and fought hard through a tough line up of schools. Finally, on the 13 August, Crescent Girls’ School 'C' Division hockey team put up a spectacular game against Teck Whye Secondary School.

 On the actual day, there was an air of excitement and the players were eager to face the challenge of the finals. The whole batch of secondary 2s had come to support the team, along with the seniors in hockey. For Crescent’s supporters, the experience was spectacular. It was more than just an exciting game of hockey, it was a true display of sportsmanship, team spirit and school spirit.

 The game commenced amid loud and strong cheering from our supporters. The goal was scored by the Teck Whye team 20 minutes into the game. However our supporters did not stop cheering as the game continued. There were no signs of defeated or flagging spirit in the Crescent team. The look of determination and willpower never left the player’s faces, and this gave the supporters the assurance that our team will not go down without a fight. The players continued with their game strategy of fast attack and ran at full speed, despite muscle aches and the scorching sun beaming down on the field. The stadium exploded with cheers when our team’s perseverance paid off and we scored a goal during the last 2 minutes. 

 When the game ended in a tie at 1-1, the teams were given 10 minutes of extra time, but neither teams gave up and the score remained a draw. Finally, it was down to a penalty shoot-out between the teams. Crescents supporters never stopped cheering for our brave secondary 1 goalkeeper who had the hardest task. Every turn was nerve wrecking, but our hockey girls showed even more determination on their faces. 

 The game ended with Teck Whye claiming victory. The players of our school looked disappointed and some others could not help but shed tears. Although the supporters were disappointed with the outcome, we still let out the loudest cheer of the day “G DOUBLE O D J O B GOOD JOB GOOD JOB!”. Even though it was not the outcome we had hoped for, the team still displayed sportsmanship by congratulating the Teck Whye team and demonstrated strong team bonding by cheering each other up. Everyone was sure that they will fight harder and come up much stronger for the future games.  

This finals game was a display of school spirit on and off the field, and the incredible bonding among Crescentians. The hockey players had given their all, and Crescentians will continue to support them in the future!

Reported by Luo Si Qi 3S3

Secondary 2 Showcase 2015

I can vividly remember the moment my teacher told us about the secondary 2 showcase, and at that time it did not hold any significance to me. Little did I know what was in store…

With only a couple of days left for preparation, my class chairman had to organise the class for our showcase. Suddenly, it seemed like we had a lot of things to do. Those in charge of World Café had to make an interesting board with pictures and words that provided more information on their topics, while those in charge of the presentation had to create engaging PowerPoint slides that gave detailed insights about their topics. Others had to decide on refreshments and buy materials to decorate our showcase venue according to the movie theme we chose. Being a class of music lovers, all of us agreed that our performance at the end of our presentations should showcase our individuality.

We began to work hard in our teams to complete our task efficiently. Even with the pressure of completing everything within the limited amount of time while balancing our schoolwork commitments, none of us gave up and helped one another throughout this journey. As a team, everyone stayed back to put the bits and pieces of our showcase together.  I truly enjoyed myself as our class bonded as a family to finish our job. This experience taught me how important and precious teamwork can be.

14 August 2015. Finally, the day arrived. After lessons had ended, we rushed to change into our class T-shirt. We were all excited as we made final preparations. We brought down heavy tables, collected refreshment supplies, blew up balloons in Crescent colours, arranged the boards (we even used water bottles to make them stand upright so that it was easier for parents to view the boards) and set up our very own photo booth. My classmate also brought a disco machine that flashed colourful lights all over the room, creating an atmosphere of celebration.

The great amount of time and effort we put into this one of a kind showcase was truly worth it. More than the beautiful decorations, wonderful world café boards and delicious aroma of food, the room was filled with lovely smiles and laughter. To me, that was the most valuable thing in the entire showcase.

Faces of amazement entered through the doors and we were delighted to see our hard work coming to life as we heard many praises from our parents. During the presentations, I could tell that every presenter was nervous, yet everyone gave it their best and that gave me a sense of pride. The last segment of the showcase was our performance, “Cup Song”, and we used our hands and bottles to create the rhythm and beat. Many of us could not help but smile as it was an accomplishment for us to have mastered the actions. As we were singing this song as a class, the lyrics left an indescribable feeling in me. I am definitely going to miss all 39 of my classmates.

At the end of our performance, we presented flowers to our parents.

The night was filled with joy and happiness that could only be felt and not put into words. We created unforgettable memories, overcame obstacles together and bonded not as a class, but a big family.

A quote to aptly conclude my journey is, “We are all part of something bigger, we are all part of it together.” I am thankful for my classmates and would never trade the world for such an amazing family.

Reported by Breanne Liau Wei Qi 2S2

National Schools Literature Festival 2015

On 22 August, the Secondary 2 ELDDS members took part in the lower secondary book trailer segment of the National Schools Literature Festival 2015. Very much akin to a movie trailer, the objective of the book trailer is to make literature come to live through the dramatization of scenes based on the Literature text that we are studying in school, and to present it in a way that entices people to buy and read the book.

This year, we were tasked to act out an adaptation of the well-known literature text, Animal Farm by George Orwell. Students were given only a maximum of 15 minutes to present their act and minimal props were used. Throughout this process, we learnt many skills such as clarity of expression and gestures, stage presence, portrayal of various emotions, and voice projection. In addition, it tested our knowledge on Animal Farm. Having to incorporate the themes and various characters into a 15-minute skit was certainly not an easy task. One of the greatest challenges we faced was to summarize the entire gist of the book into a 15 minute skit, while still keeping true to the themes of corruption and propaganda. From the formation of the script, to the positioning of each character on stage, each minute detail had to be taken into careful consideration to ensure a seamless transition from one scene to the next. Though the entire process was tiring and stifling at times, nonetheless each one of us put in our best foot forward and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Four legs good two legs better…. 

Written by the Lit Trailer Team