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Champions in Wonderland

“The wrong Alice is causing Wonderland to lose its balance!”

Oh no! What is happening here? How can there be a wrong Alice when there is only one Alice? For two whole hours during Champion Seminar, knights from the invited CCAs who had done the school proud had been transported to a world of fantasy, a world of ups and downs, a world called Wonderland!

This year, our Grand Master, Mr Tang Hsin Wei, was joined by our guest-of-honour, Ms Gilda Su, who is a successful entrepreneur and owner of RÊVASSEUR, a brand which sports a mix of whimsical and avant garde designs. Great Advisors, Mdm Christina Low, Mrs Petrina Koh and Miss Pamelia Goh also graced the event with the coaches and instructors who came as the Generals of the land to join in this Frabjous Tea Party. Together with the invited students who came as Brave Knights, the celebration to commemorate the achievements of the year began. Unbeknown to everyone at the event, the sudden appearance of another Alice causes imbalance to Wonderland!

ith the help of all the Brave Knights, the truth of the real Alice finally came to light! Kudos to everyone who helped prevent Wonderland from crumbling down before it was too late! Well done, knights! We hope to see you all at the Frabjous Tea Party next year!

By: Jinni Koh, 3G3