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Farewell Secondary Fours

The Secondary Fours gathered for one last time at the annual Farewell Assembly which marked the last day of official lessons for the Secondary Fours. Farewell Assembly 2014 kick-started with the traditional walk-in of the Secondary Four classes, followed by the speeches given by the Guest of Honour & the Principal. As usual, our Principal Mrs. Tan had some words of advice as she presented us with tiny boxes of play-doh. Her point? We had the power to shape our future just as how one had the power to shape the lump of doh – the possibilities were only limited by our creativity. It was great fun to watch the various class videos depicting the journey of each Secondary Four class.

Whilst we honoured those who had done well in their preliminary examinations, students who had made marked improvements in their studies as well as those who had displayed exemplary character were duly commended. In addition to all that had already been planned, we were heartwarmingly surprised to discover that our form teachers had taken time off their busy schedules to make a video that contained their advice and well-wishes for their form classes. Then came the badge pinning ceremony. It was a solemn moment – the school badge had welcomed us into the hall of Crescent, the Class of 2014 badge bade us farewell from the hall of Crescent as we embarked on the next phase of our lives. We then rose for the school song, pride, joy and perhaps nostalgia emanating from the Secondary Four students as our numbered days in school hit home. Of course this special event ended with our signature Mass Dance.

Footprints: Leaving a Legacy – Just as our seniors left the future of Crescent to us, we leave the future of Crescent in the hands of our juniors. May you soar forevermore, Crescent.

Step forth & be blessed, Class of 2014!


Written with love: Sarah Veronica Ang, 4S1, Class of 2014