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Sec 3 OBS Camp

27 May: “Goodbye wifi..”, “Goodbye my comfortable bed..” Those were probably the thoughts of some of the Secondary 3 students as we journeyed across the water banks to reach OBS Campsite 2. Well, those thoughts didn’t last long. As soon as we reached the campsite, we gathered into our individual watches with our respective easy-going and fun-loving instructors. All the administrative work and food distribution was completed in a flash, and in no time, each of the 17 watches had begun their adventures as an “outward bounder”.

Ever wondered what it feels like to be paddling out in the open seas or even belaying your peers as they tackle the high element courses? Well, that’s just what we got to experience on our very first day at OBS! After slapping on layers and layers of sunblock, we were all either paddling in kayaks in the open waters, capsizing and self-rescuing, or getting all serious as we belayed our fellow watch mates down to safety. In just a few hours, our stomachs were busy at work as we started gobbling down our very first outdoor dinner as a watch. Having dinner in the open field, watching the sky turn dark, and even experiencing some drizzle, made it a truly memorable meal for all of us!

28 May: Rise and shine! How about some fun-filled morning activities before breakfast? The different watches gathered into a few groups and started the day by greeting each other using different interesting and exciting ways and playing some games! We then settled down in our individual watches and had breakfast, which we had already selected out of our baskets of food on the first day. Once again, after applying layers of sun block, we got to kayak and belay each other again! Today, we got a pleasant surprise when our parents and teachers paid us a little visit at camp 2 in the midst of our activities. After picking up our backpacks, which were filled with our meals, our clothes and our tents which would be our homes for the next few nights, we started trekking through the forests, up and down slopes, making our way to camp 1. This was where those belaying skills we picked up came in handy, as we belayed our watch mates while they tackled the daunting rockwalls and high rope elements! Our grumbling stomachs were then treated to a surprise delicious meal which had been cooked for us. Due to some poor time management during the day, a few watches had to pitch their tents in the dark, with our torches as our only source of light.

29 May: It was finally D-DAY! Some watches had their land expedition, and trekked around Pulau Ubin, singing to encourage each other to keep going, hunting down various check points, jumping into quarries and trekking all the way to our wonderful sea-view campsite. The remaining watches had their sea expedition, where they paddled in their kayaks for about 16km, around the border of Pulau Ubin, admiring the mangroves and finding their way to the same campsite where all of us settled down to spend another night under the stars. After dinner, it was time for the well-known O.B.S. powder bath! After a long and tiring day, the powder bath really freshened us up as we got ready to go to sleep. To let us be responsible or our own safety, we had to take turns staying up to watch over the campsite at night.

30 May: Today, all the watches packed up early in the morning and embarked on an expedition different from the previous day’s. Be it the scenic land expedition, or the mentally and physically challenging sea expedition. Once again, we had another creative and fun dinner, where we had to use the ingredients we were provided with to come up with dishes which represented our journey in OBS. Each and every watch undoubtedly came up with various appetizing dishes which told many cherished stories about our adventures over the past 4 days. It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most of us!


31 May: The dreaded day arrived where we had to say goodbye to the place we called home for the past few days but before that, some watches participated in the 3M step-up challenge, where they climbed up and down a flight of 101 steps multiple times, earning points which could be accumulated and exchanged for gifts for the less privilege. Time really flies by quickly when we’re having fun. Soon, we were all back at the OBS base camp, getting ready to spend some cash on those cool OBS shirts while waiting for the buses to arrive to fetch us back to school.

The Secondary 3 students definitely benefited greatly from this amazing and fulfilling course. Friendships were fostered, challenges were overcome, fears were conquered and of course, we learnt to be independent through the various fun-tastic activities we completed over the past 4 days.


Reported by FRY House members