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Crescent Canoeing SHINES...

There is no doubt that the journey for the Crescent Canoeing team has been ardous, but worthwhile.

In 2014 so far, the team has taken part in three competitions: the Singapore Canoe Marathon, the National Junior Canoeing Competition and the National Inter-Schools Canoeing Competition. All three competitions were within a month of each other, if not less. The team had won multiple accolades in each, further emphasising values of determination, strength and hard work.

Every week the team attended three trainings, sometimes extended to one more training on Saturday as a competition loomed. Each training meant at least two gruelling hours on the water racing up and down in stretches, with short breaks in between. The team bore this with finesse and spirit, their passion for the sport shining through as they requested for additional trainings, and were willing to give up their time on a weekend to hone their skills.

Every training session started with a smile and ended with a smile. Sometimes the training had to be endured under heavy rain or bright sunshine, but good spirit never faltered in any of the team members. They put forward their time and effort into a sport they loved to bring glory to the school, and indeed their determination paid off in the end.

The team had won both the ‘C’ Division champion title and third runner-up for the ‘B’ Division, both titles that the team has not seen for years. The Crescent Canoeing girls have definitely earned their successes, and have embodied passion, positivity and resilience with panache.

Written by: Ow Yong Liu Qi, 4S1