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2014 Dedication Ceremony

7th January marked the day of a truly unique Crescentian tradition- the Dedication Ceremony. A heart-warming occasion where we welcome the Secondary 1s into the family, the Secondary 4 pupils pinned the school badges onto the Secondary One’s uniform, signifying the start of their Crescentian journey.

The ceremony started off with a meaningful speech by our principal, Mrs Tan Chen Kee, reminding us of the importance of achieving significance in life rather than mere success. Would we leave a mark of significance that would stay, or one of success, that eventually would fade? It definitely left us all reflecting on the impact we have made in Crescent thus far.

The Dedication Ceremony then continued with singing the school song, followed by the staff reciting the School’s Staff Pledge. Thereafter, all the students were led by the Student Council President, Su Thida Htun, to recite the Pupils’ Creed. All Crescentians pledged to live by the school motto and to uphold the three Crescentian values- Courtesy, Generosity and Sincerity. It was mesmerising to hear the voices of the Crescentian family unite in the reciting of the pledge.

The ceremony ended with the Student President leading us once again, this time in a Crescentian cheer. However, what truly stunned the teachers was that once the levels had been released to go back to their respective classes, voices from the crowd rose to engage the entire school once more in the Crescentian cheer. The impromptu yet unanimous action greatly warmed every Crescentian’s heart.

Written By: Shanna Kaur (2C2) and Kacine Wee (2G1)

The staff of CGS reciting the Teacher’s Pledge led by Mrs Tan Chen Kee

A Sec 4 pinning a badge onto the blouse of a Sec 1.

‘There, you are one of us now’….