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Limelight 2014

Crescent Girls’ School Symphonic Band (CGSSB) staged their 5th Limelight concert on 25 February 2014 at the Esplanade. CGSSB performed numerous renowned pieces from famous movies and animes such as the Incredibles, a medley of songs from anime such as Spirited Away, Doraemon and Kiki’s Delivery Service as well as soundtracks from Les Miserables and many more.

Playing together as a band required teamwork and hard work from each individual member and it was this teamwork that served as the fundamental pillar of success for Limelight 2014. CGSSB members put in an incredible amount of hard work and dedication, putting in many hours of intense practice to perfect their pieces. In addition to playing their musical pieces, CGSSB members had to also create props and rehearse actions to cater to the varied interests of their audience.

With the cooperation of each and every CGSSB member and the guidance, encouragement and support from the conductors and teachers-in-charge, CGSSB managed to make Limelight 2014 a truly memorable experience for us, definitely one of the highlights of 2014!