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Sports Carnival 2014


Streams of students in the five different HOUSE colours assembled in their respective columns on the bleachers, with their bright shirts accessorised by their bright enthusiasm for the day ahead. The atmosphere as a whole was exuberant and filled with lively and excited chatter and much cheering. Over two months, all five Houses took part in the track heats as well as Ultimate Frisbee heats, and this day would be the day where the finalists fought it out for the ultimate glory of being the champions of the biennial meet. Looking at the House Leaders all decked out in House colours and accessories and getting ready to hype up the crowd around the stadium, everyone could see the tremendous effort put in for this meet. From the meticulous set-up of logistics, to the intricately designed wristbands that were distributed to everyone, the Crescent Sports Carnival 2014 looked set to be an amazing one!

Soon, the House Captains ran in with the House flags and then, mascots of each House appeared, all of them brightly decorated and creatively put together.

BRONTE’S crocodile mascot was given a great body, showing the strength of their House!

CURIE’S tiger looked extremely fierce as a knight and was definitely not a force to be reckoned with!

FRY’S dragon mascot looked royal and showed that even fierce things can be cute!

KELLER had smartly dressed their shark mascot, showing that you can look great AND do great!

PANKHURST’S phoenix was creatively designed with wings to show that Pankhurst can soar!!

When the emcee called for the competitors of the first race, cheers erupted from the Houses, challenging each other to be the loudest and the most encouraging. Each House performed their catchy cheers in high spirits as they hoped for the best outcome for their houses. Before the race, however, it was silent as everyone anticipated the blow of the horn. The competitors took off at lightning speed, and they seemed to go quicker as the cheering intensified.


“I ran as fast as my feet could carry me, my heartbeat accelerating with every step. I gathered the energy from the crowd, from myself, and used it to propel myself forwards. Everything around me was blurry but I could make out the mass of red in the crowd - the colour of my House. The colour of Pankhurst House that I was running for. With my heart spurred on, I quickened my strides.

Despite the pressure I felt, I knew that if I tried my best, it would be conquered. I did not have to be the first runner, I just had to be the runner who tried her best, and I knew my House would accept the effort. No matter the outcome, I would not regret it.” – Yao Chenxi, Pankhurst House Captain 2013-2014.

Simultaneously, while the races took place, the Ultimate Frisbee competition commenced. Despite most of the attention being focused on the runners, the Ultimate Frisbee players did not allow this to hinder their play or teamwork, and they continued to put their best efforts into the game, tossing the disc with great dexterity to each other and running and catching the flying disc with great speed and precision.

With everyone bustling around and the races and competitions taking place one after another, it was hard not to feel included. The fringe events that were open to anyone from the Houses were the torpedo power throw and the ultimate target toss. They gave everyone a chance to help their different Houses in the quest of becoming champion House, and it gave them a sense of belonging, plus a surprise souvenir to bring home!

After all the excitement of watching their fellow House mates competing, everyone got even more ecstatic when the finalists for the CCAs stepped up to compete in the 8 x 50m relay event. The cheers soon erupted into a roar when their teachers and parents too pit their skills and speed against each other in the novelty races. As the emcee announced the different prize winners at the end of the meet, the bursts of cheers from the Houses as filled the whole stadium, and the crocs of Bronte House, chalking up the most points from the entire meet, were close to tears when they were announced the champion of the meet.

Crescent Sports Carnival 2014 was a great experience for everyone and it was a great chance for the Houses to bond. Even though there is only one champion House, all five Houses are champions in their own rights because of the evident hard work and enthusiasm that everyone put into the different events during sports carnival.

Lastly, good job to all  HOUSES!