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CrezUnite 2013

CrezUnite 2013, held in Term 2 Week 4, was indeed a very memorable event for all Crescentians. That special week was set aside to strengthen the bonds between friends, classmates as well as schoolmates, at the same time, to create a stronger school spirit among the Crescent Family.

The main highlight of that week was ‘Be Yourself Day’, where everyone dressed up in theme-based retro clothes. The colourful and captivating clothes of Crescentians clearly showed the Crescentian spirit of our school and the unbreakable bonds we shared. The excitement heightened as a radio DJ came down to our school on the afternoon of ‘Be Yourself Day’. It was none other than Boythunder 913 from Hot FM91.3!

Crescentians displayed their love for each other through different activities such as the Mass Dance sessions during morning assembly on Tuesday and Thursday, as well as during recess sessions where students danced to the tune of ‘DJ Got Us Falling in Love’. Crescentians also got to display their appreciation for each other through the message dedication sessions during recess and ‘Message from the Heart’ dedication where Crescentians wrote messages on coloured papers which they purchased and folded into little hearts. These hearts were placed on a big ‘heart structure’ which was unveiled during the mass breakfast session on the last day of the weeklong event.

On the last day of CrezUnite 2013, the entire student body had their breakfast together as a family. Crescentians came together with food which they shared with their classmates. Breakfast @ Crescent isn’t something you see every day and it was definitely fun to eat with our classmates. Furthermore, the type of food that was brought originated from the Southeast Asian Region, which allowed us appreciate the different cultures and traditions of others.

Overall, CrezUnite 2013 was a big success and it would not have been possible without the efforts of the entire CrezUnite Team.

Reported by:
Khairun Nisa Bte Nordin (3G2)