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Sudoku Competitions

7th Inter-School Sudoku Challenge

On 26th March 2013, a group of four Secondary 2 Crescentians, together with 34 teams from various secondary schools participated in the 7th Inter-School Sudoku Challenge held at Broadrick Secondary School. The participants were Liow Yee Jun (2C1), Valerie Wu (2C3), Naomi Yeo (2G2), and Cheryl Kwek (2S1). 

Sudoku is a logic puzzle consisting of a 3 by 3 grid of nine squares, each subdivided into a further nine squares, some containing numbers. Participants are required to fill in numerals from 1 to 9 to ensure that every horizontal and vertical line and every large 3-by-3 square contains only one instance of each number.

A month before the competition, we stayed back almost every week to practice a variety of challenging puzzles for this Sudoku competition.

On the day of the competition, the atmosphere was very tense, as every team worked hard to complete the puzzles in the shortest time possible within the time frame of 25min. As a team, we were supposed to solve a total of 4 puzzles and input the answers onto the laptop. Altogether, we played a total of 2 rounds.

Our efforts paid off when we managed to clinch the 5th prize. Throughout this whole competition, we learnt to persevere in times of challenges and to work as a team to overcome them.

Our achievement would not have been possible without the help and guidance of our teacher, Ms Eugenia Kok.

Reported by: Cheryl Kwek (2S1)

Brands’ Sudoku Challenge

On 17th April 2013, 15 Crescentians participated in the Brands’ Sudoku Challenge held at Nanyang Junior College. In the Individual Category, Valerie Wu came in 5th and in the Team Category, comprisong Valerie Wu, Liow Yee Jun, Wang Yajie, Yu Anran and Amanda Goh came in 2nd and were presented with Certificates of Honour.

The challenge was for each participant to complete a set of 3 Sudoku puzzles individually within a given time frame of 40 minutes. Although we did not have many practice sessions together before the actual competition, several students still managed to finish most of the puzzles. 8 Crescentians emerged among the top 50 and qualified for the National Sudoku Championships, which will be held later on this year.

Our achievement would not have been possible without the help and guidance of our teacher-in-charge, Ms Eugenia Kok. Not only did she spend several afternoons going through various Sudoku strategies with us, she also printed challenging Sudoku puzzles for us to solve and timed us in order to prepare for the competition.

From this competition, we learnt to better our skills instead of being complacent and contented with our current abilities so that we may attain glory for Crescent once again.

Reported by: Valerie Wu (2C3)