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Device Management Application (DMA)

All students’ devices are installed with the MOE Device Management Application (DMA) as part of the measures to enable a safe and conducive learning environment for students. The purpose of the MOE DMA is to:
      • keep your daughter safe online by blocking off undesirable websites
      • allow parents to be aware of their daughters’ activities on their daughters’ device
      • limit screen time for your daughter, when necessary

The DMA will be funded by MOE and will be uninstalled from your daughter’s device when your daughter graduates or leaves the school.

During school hours, MOE and school DMA settings will be put in place to help students to focus on learning in a safe and conducive online environment. As default, these settings will continue to be in place after school hours as well. Parents are recommended to continue with the Default settings after school hours especially for parents who prefer not to or do not feel ready to manage their daughter’s use of device on their own. There are also Option A and B for parents who would prefer other settings after school hours.

The diagram below shows the summary of DMA settings during school hours and after-school hours.

DMA 1.png
*School hours refer to the time within which students are involved in structured learning activities within the school, including time allocated for CCAs and enrichment programmes. The hours defined by CGS is from 6am – 3pm on weekdays. Application installed by parents/guardian and/or students after school hours will be disabled during school hours.

DMA 2.png
Parents may request to change their choice of DMA settings via the form: Parents should consider their daughter’s current device usage habits (time spent, self-regulation and self-discipline) and parental involvement (awareness of youth’s cyber wellness trend and threat as well as routines and ground rules on device usage) before opting for Option A and B. The request to change DMA option will be processed by the school twice a term.