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Mother Tongue Languages Department


To create a nurturing and innovative environment that prepares our students for the future.


To develop students to be passionate about MTL and be lifelong learners for Mother Tongue language.


By the end of the Secondary 4 year at Crescent, a student should be able to:
  • Think critically and communicate their ideas confidently, in both written and spoken forms;
  • Make the connection of the cultures associated with MTL languages;
  • Achieve a deeper appreciation of culture, history and values because the essence of much cultural inheritance is best imbibed in its original language form

Special Programmes

Secondary 1 to 3 Mother Tongue Fortnight Activities

Mother Tongue fortnight activities allow authentic usage and exposure to MTL. Students are exposed to a wide range of activities during the MTL Fortnight in addition to learning and using the language. We collaborated with key stakeholders, including alumni to organise school-based MTL Fortnights. During the MTL Fortnight, a wide range of outside–class MTL activities are conducted to enable students to learn and use MTL in novel and exciting ways. The activities include performing arts such as drama, cross talks, storytelling, learning journeys, Wayang, talks by authors of the CL/ ML/ TL community, etc. Cultural camps are organised to provide students with an immersive environment to learn and use the language.   

Focus: Oral and Communication skills


Chinese Special Programme (CSP) and Malay Special Programme (MSP)

Chinese and Malay Special Programmes are offered to eligible students, giving them the opportunity to learn the Chinese and Malay languages. The programmes prepare students for the CSP and MSP examination at GCE 'O' Level. These students attend lessons once a week, 2 hours 40 minutes per session in our school outside school curriculum time.

Focus: Writing and Communication skills

Secondary 1 to 4 Reading Programme
As reading is an integral part of language learning, the Chinese, Malay and Tamil language departments curate articles on a fortnightly basis to further cultivate the habit of reading in the MTL languages. Students have to complete questions after reading the articles.

Focus: Expository Writing through curated articles.


Chinese Language
  • Xin Lei Jiang 20th National Secondary School Chinese Creative Competition - Certificate of Participation

Malay Language
  • National Translation Competition - Consolation Prize
  • National Malay Finesse Competition (Tik Tok) - 2nd Prize

Tamil National Dance Competition
  • Budding Writes and Artistes Programme - Top 10
  • Kamban Vizha Quiz - Certificate of Participation