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Humanities Department


To be a department of excellence, which promotes analytical thinking and innovation.


To provide a holistic education in analytical and innovative reasoning so as to develop scholars with global awareness. 


By the end of the Secondary 4 year at Crescent, a student should be able to:

  • evaluate data / information critically and independently;
  • design research approaches to investigate geographical, historical and social phenomena;
  • appreciate complex inter-relationship between man and the physical, historical, social and political environment around him;
  • demonstrate an awareness of global issues.

Special Programmes

Crescent Model United Nation (CrezMUN)
Crescent Girls’ School conducts CrezMUN as a pedagogical tool for the teaching of the Humanities. At the same time, it intends to become the MUN training hub in to provide the Humanities teachers with the capacity to train students and run MUN conferences.

CGS hopes to imbue in each MUN participants the following:
  • Understanding the relevance of the Humanities to the real world around them
  • Developing critical-logical thinking skills for the Humanities
  • Developing civic literacy and global awareness skills

Lower Secondary Integrated Humanities
Crescent Girls’ School utilises Integrated Humanities as a platform for students to see the interlinkages between the two subjects. Through this, students will be able to understand how Humans interact with the environment through both time and space.

 CGS hopes to imbue in each student the following:
  • Understanding the inseparable link between History and Geography to the real world around them
  • Developing critical thinking skills for the Humanities

Internal Competitions
Secondary 1-2 trail design
Secondary 3 CrezMUN

CrezMUN Student Presenting
Trail Design Student Presenting
Trail Design Learning
Trail Design Student Using iPad
Trail Design Learning
Trail Design Overseas