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Citizenship Education@Crescent

The CGS Citizenship Education programme aims to create an engaging learning experience for students in their journey towards becoming active, reflective and responsible citizens. The concept of a 'Home' in which members share common values and have co-ownership of the responsibilities in the home is used to achieve these outcomes.

Students Performing during Citizenshop Education programme
Development of the skills related to citizenship competencies is nurtured and reinforced through activities such as:

      • Learning Journeys
      • Commemoration of Racial Harmony Day, Total Defence day, International Friendship Day and National Day
      • Our Values in Action (VIA) programme.

These activities enable our students to develop as socially responsible citizens who take pride in their Singaporean identity.
Citizenship Education Framework

The Citizenship Education framework seeks to engage students through 3 stages in their journey: Understanding, Action and Reflection.

Understanding: Students understand our community, develop a sense of national identity and nation-building becoming active citizens in the globalised world.

Action: Students take the ownership of their own learning by taking action to identify the needs of the community and initiating activities to serve the community and make a difference to the life of others.

Reflection: Students reflect on their experiences, the values they have put in practice and how they can continue to contribute meaningfully.

 Learning Journey Learning Journey

At the heart of the framework is Character and Leadership Development.  The Citizenship Education programme is part of the school’s many opportunities to develop students’ character and leadership skills.  It is with positive character values in students that the Citizenship Education programme will achieve its goal of developing active and responsible citizens.

student performing on stage