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Red Cross Youth

"United As One, We Stand Strong!"

Red Cross Youth is one of the four Uniformed Groups in Crescent Girls’ School. As a Uniformed Group, we instill the values of self-discipline, order and teamwork in our cadets. Contrary to popular belief that Red Cross Youth only teaches First Aid, we also expose our cadets to activities and lessons such as Disaster Management, Foot-Drill, Outdoor Activity and Red Cross Knowledge. Our cadets are also exposed to various activities at Red Cross Headquarters and competitions such as Annual Red Cross Flag Day & National First Aid Competition.

Red Cross is a humanitarian organization. Thus, as a Co-Curricular Activity, we are often involved in community involvement programs, such as  Red Cross Flag Day and Home visits. During home visits, we interact with residents and as well as get hands-on doing area cleaning for the home.

Our cadets are also exposed to real-life situations and are made to put their skills learned in Red Cross to use. They are deployed for First Aid duty during school events such as Sports Day and Cross Country. A more frequent duty would be during our weekly FITT runs. Our cadets will be stationed along the FITT run routes so as to ensure that the injured students will be tended to as soon as possible.

The motto of Red Cross Youth is “Serve One Another”.  Our main objective is to help one another as well as the community. As cadets, we work together as a team. Everyone plays a vital part in the work that we do. We cannot afford to be complacent, as we are taught to be always ready in the event that life may be in danger and to have a sense of urgency.


  • Sec 1 Orientation Campfire
  • Enrolment Ceremony cum Recognition Day
  • Red Cross Flag Day
  • First Aid Competition
  • Unit Leaders Program
  • Current Affairs Competition
  • Red Cross Youth Challenge

Ms Nat Yuen Mei Fang

Other Teacher I/Cs:
Ms Tai Wai Peng
Ms Wu Meiling
Mr Rais Ismail


“Over the years, being in a uniformed group has taught me many things. From having a sense of urgency to demonstrating the value of 'All for One, One for All', I came to realize that the Red Cross is not all about First Aid alone. It is far greater than that. Being in the Red Cross is about serving humanity. I am thankful for the opportunities to equip me with the skills and knowledge to serve others even after I graduate from Crescent.”
- Nicole Ong Hui Yi (4S2) on how Red Cross taught her many life skills

“As an NCO in my Red Cross journey, I have been exposed to leadership and it has taught me far more ways to become a good role model. Endurance is definitely the key to each and everyone one of us as we have to face many challenges and obstacles along with the way. However, as our motto states, “United as One, We Stand Strong”, with each other’s support, we managed to overcome difficulties and lead the unit successfully.”
- Ow Rui Qi, Rachel (4S3) on how NCO life has taught her to become a better leader

“Handling the cadets and taking up responsibilities to lead the unit together with the other NCOs is one of the major roles as an NCO in Red Cross Youth. The journey is unpredictable and we adapt to situations with each step we take, reacting fast and supporting the unit so that we can bring the unit to greater heights. We definitely get discouraged by the difficulties at times, but the learning points are what matters most so that we can overcome the obstacles eventually.”
- Lee Jia Rui (4S3) on the challenges faced as an NCO

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