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Student Council

The Voice of the Student Body

Crescent's Student Council is a student-led organization whose mission is to nurture passionate and kind lady leaders who possess a strong sense of integrity and moral courage. Our councillors also aim to develop a forward-looking and positive mindset. With the constant drive to become compassionate servant leaders of the school, councillors develop the heart to serve and guide others, as well as strive to display the five pillars of servant leadership along with PERMAH domains under any circumstance. 


As ladies and leaders of tomorrow, the Student Council believes in serving with dedication, commitment and love to ensure the well-being of our community. Being the bridge of communication for the student body to the teachers and school leaders, student councillors actively reach out to their peers to hear their concerns through platforms like the Student Leaders’ Forum as well as informal feedback settings within their classrooms, or when mingling with schoolmates. After receiving these responses, appropriate actions will be taken so as to address the issues raised, as student councillors are constantly seeking to work with the teachers in improving the Crescent experience. 


Crescent’s Student Councillors take on a kaleidoscope of dynamic roles in the varied job scope they fulfil. Through collaboration within the Student Council departments such as Council Affairs, Events Management, Leadership Development, Student Well-being and Student Management, they extend their service as servant leaders to provide support and serve the school holistically. Along with their fundamental role to uphold school discipline standards through administrative duties like spot-check duties, class cleanliness tally and late coming duties, they also lead the school community through leadership nurturing activities for others and themselves. They are also actively involved in organizing school-wide events such as the annual CrezAwards and Teachers’ Day Celebration. Such planning and organizing allows councillors to take the initiative to brainstorm creative ideas, contributing to the events and provides them with the learning experience of being able to plan more independently.  


Besides working with fellow student leaders within the Student Council, Crescent Student Councillors are also given opportunities to reach out and collaborate with other student leadership organizations such as the Peer Leaders, Crez Ambassadors and the House Leaders in events like the Student Leadership Conference, CrezUnite Week and the Student Leaders' Investiture. 


Even in the midst of the pandemic, the Student Council has reacted quickly and continued the weekly Thursday meetings online. Despite events such as CrezAwards having to be conducted in classrooms rather than the usual hall setting, our Student Councillors were creative and innovative in finding methods to engage students so that they could still enjoy the events in the comfort of their classrooms. Although it was challenging at first as our student councillors had to think on their feet, it taught them to think out of the box, be adaptable and prepare for the unexpected.  


Councillors' leadership training is not only limited to workshops held for the councillors, but it also extends to councillors having peer teaching sessions on lessons about leadership from the book: “Habitudes: Images that form Leadership Habits & Attitudes” by Dr Tim Alore. These trainings and workshops allow councillors to be equipped with the heart of a servant leader and better demonstrate the 5 leadership pillars in their everyday service to the school.    

Last but not least, the reasons for Student Council being so bonded and close-knitted would be because of the regular weekly meetings that are held. During meetings, councillors experience a variety of activities that allow them to bond and grow into better ladies and leaders. For instance, the Mentor-mentee system pairs upper-secondary councillors with lower-secondary councillors and creates Mentor-mentee families for councillors to bond across levels. There are also bonding games that are carried out during meetings, allowing councillors to spend quality time with their fellow batchmates and forge indelible ties with their councilmates.  


All in all, the Student Council provides a wide range of activities for their councillors to take part in and grow as leaders of the future. 


  • Sec 1 Orientation 
  • Annual Talent Time: CrezAwards 
  • VIA @ ALPS
  • Student Leaders’ Investiture 
  • Sec 4 Councillors Farewell 
  • Speech Day
  • Sec 1 Leadership Selection Camp
  • Teacher's Day Celebration 
  • P6 Open House
  • Student Council Exchange
  • Secondary 1 Registration & Orientation  
  • Student Leaders' Forum 



Ms Nat Yuen Mei Fang

Other Teacher I/Cs:
Mr Tan Chin Yee



“Council has provided me with an enriching experience of growing as a Leader to serve the larger Crescentian community and beyond. It is through Council that I have learned that leadership is an ever-evolving process of constantly bettering oneself through putting in effort to grow ourselves. Before joining Council, I was constantly apprehensive of having to work in a team with others, but after having worked with so many wonderful batchmates and Seniors during the planning of events such as CrezAwards and Investiture, I can see how I have grown to be an effective and contributing member of a team, creatively synergising to achieve a common target. Council is a safe environment to make mistakes and learn from them, guided by Seniors and batchmates who got your back through it all.”
- Chiam Chieh Leng Vanessa (2S1), Secondary 2 Student Councillor


“Being a part of the Council community has been one of the best decisions I’ve made ever since being a student at Crescent Girls’ School. Not only has council taught me the core values that the school upholds such as resilience and drive, it has also taught me an abundance of various life skills like communication that I am able to apply to my daily life, shaping me into a better individual. As councillors, we always support and encourage one another when it comes to organising different events as well as honing my leadership skills. Council has definitely taught me to be a resourceful and consistent student. In retrospect, the time, energy and effort that my fellow councillors and I have spent being in council have been the most valuable moments that I would never trade for anything else.”
- Tanika Kumaya (2C2), Secondary 2 Student Councillor


“Student Council has been a place where I have seen growth in both my character and leadership ability. The skills that I have acquired throughout my journey in Council like learning to communicate effectively with others, as well as the importance of being understanding and having teamwork, will certainly be with me even after I graduate. Council provides numerous opportunities for all councillors to shine. Not only do we have the chance to hone our leadership skills while planning for events, we also have fun and learn valuable lessons at the same time. Furthermore, the community in Council is very friendly and welcoming! Councillors are inclusive and always make sure that no one gets left behind, and their understanding nature never makes you feel that your opinions and thoughts are invalid. I feel blessed to be part of this Council family, and I would encourage Crescentians to join us and grow into a better version of yourself each day!”
- Chin Rui-En (3C1), 2021/2022 Student Council President


"I remember stepping into the school on the first day of Secondary 1, ushered by rows of Senior Councillors with bright and assuring grins on their faces. Seeing that all of them were in their blouses, skirts and Student Council tie, guiding the lost Secondary 1 students around the school, that was when I knew that I wanted to be a part of the Student Council as well.
Student Council has not only provided me countless opportunities to plan events to contribute to the school, but it has also helped me discover so much more about myself. Through our reflections and feedback sessions conducted by seniors and Council Masters (CMs), it has shed light on the flaws I have as a leader that I usually overlook. Student Council has been a safe space for me to work on those flaws and improve myself as a student and as a leader. The 4 years spent in Student Council has been an experience that has changed my outlook on what a student leader really is. All of the memories, relationships and feedback have been held close to my heart and is a stepping stone in my journey as a Student Leader which I will bring forward to my future endeavours."
- Preesha Magandharan (4C2), 2020/2021 Student Council President

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