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Peer Leaders

Love Is Louder

As our motto says, being a peer leader is not just about being a leader. It's about love. Peer aims to cultivate a warm and comfortable school environment and to develop every Crescentian into a lady and leader of tomorrow.

Peer leaders are involved in a number of internal and external school events; which mainly include catering to the socio-emotional well-being of the school, providing support to the lower secondary students and conducting leadership training for all students.

Peer Leaders are in charge of the Sec One Orientation Programme and leading the other leadership groups in the planning for this event. We prepare fun and exciting activities to welcome the Sec ones into the Crescentian family and allow them to bond with each other.

As a follow-up programme, we also hold Peer Support sessions. The Peer Support sessions are for the Sec Ones to bond more with their classmates and to learn more about the school so that they can be smoothly integrated into the school. The peer leaders also provide support and advice for the Sec Ones, for example, giving tips on how to manage time.

Another programme in charge of the Peer Leaders is Leadership Moments lesson conducted every fortnight. We believe that every student that enters Crescent has leadership potential, hence we provide training to develop them into dynamic leaders. Our training is centered on the five TLCs: Encourage the Heart, Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process and Enable Others to Act.

Before the major exams, Peer Leaders will also prepare exam welfare packs for all Crescentians to motivate and encourage them to work hard for their examinations.

Peer Leaders also conduct events outside school, such as the Radin Mas Primary School Monitors’ training. We conduct leadership training for primary 3-6 monitors based on the five TLCs which would help them to manage themselves and their class well. Learning these skills at a young age will help them throughout their leadership journey and aid them to be successful leaders in the future.

Together with the CrezAmbassadors, House Leaders and Student Council, we plan various school events, such as CrezUnite to bond and strengthen the Crescent spirit.


To be a team of committed and compassionate leaders that inspire other Crescentians to make a positive difference.


To lead by example through contributing actively in creating an inclusive environment for Crescentians.


Mdm Rilaini Sapari

Other Teacher I/Cs:
Mr Lloyd Lin


Peer has been family to me since the first day I joined. I always look forward to our meetings to work on new projects. I am glad to be able to welcome the Secondary One students into Crescent and guide them through their leadership journey with the programmes that we have such as Peer Support and Leadership Moments. Peer has also given me many opportunities to grow into a more confident and caring leader.
-Thivyah Asogan, Sec 2 Peer Leader on how Peer has developed her

“What comes from the heart, goes to the heart” With every activity conducted as a Peer leader, such as Leadership Moments and Peer Support Sessions, I have learnt that being genuine in whatever I do will touch the hearts of those I guide. Being a Peer leader has taught me that leadership goes beyond just a title and a position. Instead, it is the willingness to serve with compassion, sincerity and the ability to make a positive difference to our peers.
- Kwok Zhi En, Grace, Director of Leadership Development on what she has learnt as a Peer Leader

Being a Peer Leader has opened up my eyes to see the true essence of leadership. I have come to learn that leadership is not simply leading people, but is essentially the act of serving the people around you with sincerity. Peer has provided a platform for me to expand my leadership potential and grow together with my friends. The time I spent in Peer has undoubtedly brought out my potential, shaping me to be a lady and leader of tomorrow.
- Lum Shi Wen, Gabrielle, Sec 3 Peer Leader on how she has been impacted by her experiences in Peer

To me, a leader is someone who takes risks to walk through the rough journey of struggles and hardships together with her fellow teammates towards where the ultimate goal of the team awaits. Indeed, Peer has provided me with many great opportunities to work together with extremely passionate and dedicated leaders who are willing to serve the school towards betterment. Under the guidance of the teachers and trust placed on us by the school, we were given multiple opportunities to organise activities such as Sec 1 Orientation and Peer Support Sessions as well as school wide initiatives such as Value of the Month and Friend of Singa projects. Through these experiences and learning processes, peer had certainly pushed me beyond my limits and brought out the best leadership potential in me.
- May Yune Maung Maung, President of Peer Leaders 2016/2017

Being in Peer has made me realised that leadership is not about merely holding a title and doing the tasks assigned to you. It is about taking initiative, showing interest and serving the school with sincerity, pride and dedication. I have also learnt that leadership is about being brave enough face and challenge whatever obstacle that comes before you, as a team. My Secondary Two batchmates have been my pillar of support to me during my leadership journey thus far and gave me a shoulder to rely on during hardships. We have bonded greatly over the past year in helping each other grow as leaders. This leadership journey thus far, has been life changing for me and has provided me with great exposure. I look forward to the next two years where I can grow more as a leader.
- Harinyvethaa Pandirajan, Sec 2 Peer Leader on her leadership experience in Peer

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