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"We Sing as One"

The Crescent Girls’ School Choir has been actively contributing to the musical culture in school, as well as participating in public performances regularly. The choir received a Certificate of Distinction at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2017, and also attained the Gold Award at the Singapore International Choral Festival (SICF) in 2018, having the highest score among the Singapore choirs in its category. 

With their motto, ‘The Voice, The Spirit, The Soul’, the choir shows commitment and passion be it in performing or mentoring fellow singers. Recent activities of the choir include singing at the Voices of Singapore Festival in the past two years, performing as a guest item with the VOCO Singapore Ladies’ Choir, being part of the chorus in the Orchestra of the Music Makers (OMM)’s productions - Hansel and Gretel and OMM10: Bernstein’s Mass, as well as participating in numerous inter-school choir exchanges throughout the year. The choir also mentored primary school choir members from selected schools in the most recent exchange. The choir has also put up numerous concerts over the years and has all been very warmly received.


  • Sec 1 Orientation Campfire
  • CCA Open House
  • P6 Open House
  • Speech Day
  • National Day
  • CCA S-ViA
  • Choir exchanges with other secondary school choirs
  • Vivace, Vivace 2.0, Vivace 3.0 (Student-initiated concert)
  • Voices of Singapore (VOS) Festival
  • In collaboration with Orchestra of the Music Makers - OMM: Hansel and Gretel (2017)
  • Guest item at the VOCO Singapore Ladies’ Choir Concert (2017)
  • SYF Arts Presentation (2017)
  • In collaboration with Orchestra of the Music Makers - OMM10: Bernstein’s Mass (2018)
  • Singapore International Choral Festival (2018)



Ms Teo Kim Yung

Other Teacher I/Cs:
Ms Yip Wai Pheng
Ms Shireen Sanbhnani


The CrezChorale has helped me grow not only as a singer but also as a student. I've learned the importance of teamwork and discipline when we prepared for our various concerts and competitions. Each section is equally important and contributes to the quality of the performanceThe CrezChorale is indeed a Co-curricular Activity that I am really proud of. 

- Nurul Rasyidah Binti Abdul Manaf (4S2) on how Choir has shaped her as a person  


Joining the CrezChorale was an invaluable experience which helped me to grow and develop my maturity. I am thankful for having the privilege of being under the tutelage of a renowned conductor, who has inculcated this set of values in me, equipped me with greater musical insight, and taught the choir to be intelligent, thinking people that can rise to the challenge and grow from our experiences and mistakes. 

- Victoria Elizabeth Yong Shu Qi (4S2) on what she has learned in Choir 


I would say the Orientale Concentus VII competition impacted me the most. I remember being in a state of confusion when we were handed new scores and required to perform them at concert standard the following day. Despite these odds, we were recognized as the choir with the highest score in the entire competition. This experience taught me that with hard work and self-discipline, anything is possible. 

- Choinh Yee Ching (3G1on her most memorable experience in Choir  


Scott Hoying (member of the A cappella group, Pentatonixsaid, 'If music was the language of the world, imagine how beautiful a seven-billion-part harmony would be.' No matter how well an individual can sing, it cannot compare to a group of people creating harmonious music like a choir. Being in the choir requires not only a passion for singing but also the ability to work with other members and discipline. Everyone can sing, but not everyone can make music. 

- Nikki Lim Zhi Li (4S2on how her perspective of music-making changed upon joining Choir 


The CrezChorale has made me feel like there is a place that I belong, as there will always be a section to suit my voice and all the members have a part to play in making music. We are one big family, and family means that nobody will be left behind! 

- Chong Sonia Chui Fang (3S2) on being part of the Choir family 

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