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Chinese and Modern Dance


Crescent's Chinese and Modern Dance is a warm and loving family. Crescent dancers work towards a common goal of attaining excellence, and in the process, stronger bonds are forged as we strive to overcome various obstacles and challenges as a family.

Crescent Dance promotes dance as a form of art beyond its aesthetic value. A strong set of values is instilled in each and every Crescent dancer as we embark on our journey and this enables us to discover our potential beyond dance. In order to excel in our passion, Crescent dancers go the extra mile to prepare ourselves for more than what is required of us on stage. We stretch our limits to exceed expectations and realize that there is more to dancing than simply executing our actions with perfection. Dancers must learn to touch the hearts of the audience as we incorporate our intense emotions into every action and every step, painting a moving story with our choreography.

“To persevere till the end” is the dance motto. With this in mind, Crescent dancers always strive to do our best in every dance, be it an energetic and lively dance or one exuding grace and femininity.

In recent years, we were honored to be invited to take part in various international and national events such as the Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony (2010), ASEAN Youth Games Opening Ceremony (2009), National Day Parade (2009), and the ASEAN School Games (2012). In 2009 and 2012, we also organized our very own concerts to show appreciation towards our people who have supported us over the years, including our parents and teaching and non-teaching staff in our school. These concerts received resounding support from our audience who was particularly impressed with some of the dance items which were choreographed by our very own dancers.

Our various performances cover a wide scope of dance genres such as Ballet and Hip Hop and also include lion dance and dragon dance. Performances during school events, such as the Chinese New Year celebration or Sec 1 Orientation Campfire, provide us with extensive opportunities to showcase our talents and also share the joy of dancing with the rest of our school.

The Singapore Youth Festival is the pinnacle of all the dancers’ performances. As the Chinese saying goes, “台上十分钟,台下十年工。” In preparation for a single performance, we practice for hours and dancing is a journey that requires much discipline and perseverance, physically and mentally.

The extraordinary journey that each Crescent dancer experiences with the family is only made possible because we believe in caring for one another and soaring to greater heights as one.

Crescent Dance is led by our Chinese Dance Instructor, Ms Lee Bee Choo, Modern Dance Instructor, Mr Low Ee Chiang.



Ms Justine Elizabeth Tham Luo Wan

Other Teacher I/Cs:
Ms Magdalene Sim Shin Shiuh
Ms Yap Ai Zhi


"In Crescent Dance, we do not only learn how to dance, but we also learn many important life values. We value 'discipline' in dance and through the discipline that we reinforce here, we learn to value time. Most importantly, dance has taught us to do everything to the best of our ability because what matters is to go all out in what we do, and only with the right attitude can we go far."
- Theresa Chow Ming San (4G3) on what she has learned through Dance

"The laughter and smiles shared after every performance, sweat and tears that we shed during our low moments are things that we will never forget. We have definitely grown closer after each practice and performance. From four separate batches, we became one Crescent Dance. We will really miss Crescent Dance after we step down!"
- Jace Koh (4S2) on how Dance will be memorable after stepping down

"I feel immensely proud to be a Crescent dancer because it really is one dance family. The seniors take care of each and every one of us and make sure that everyone is okay! Even when we are not having dance practice, you'll see juniors waving to seniors and vice versa. That really brings everyone together because we might not be in one place, but we still treat each other like family despite our differences!"
- Low Tze Jou (3S3) on her feelings about Dance

"When we first stepped into Crescent Dance in Sec 1, there were so many things that we weren't aware of. But over time, as we had more practices and coaching from seniors and teachers, we learned to further improve ourselves by having the courage to try new things, believing in ourselves more and most importantly, working together as a team.
- Xiao Si Rui (3C1) on how much she has grown since she joined Dance in 2014

"Through the practice sessions, not only have I improved physically, but most importantly, I have improved in terms of my character. I have also learned that I should look out not only for myself but also for others around me as we "照顾自己照顾别人". To me, Crescent Dance is not just a CCA, but a big happy family!
- Alyssa Ting Kah Yee (2C1) and Clara Goh (2S2) on what they have learned through Dance

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