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About NYUM

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1. Categories for the Challenge

There are 2 categories for participation for Primary Schools / Secondary / Post-Secondary Institutions:
      • Enrichment Module
      • Advocacy Module

2. Theme for the 2021 Challenge

The theme for this year’s challenge is “Food Packaging: Don't Throw it. Upcycle it!

 Through this Challenge, we hope to achieve the following objectives:
(a)  To educate youth on the  threats facing the natural environment
(b)  To inspire youth to take action in promoting a culture of sustainability through upcycling and green consumerism

3. Phases in the Enrichment Module


Preparation Stage

  • Schools are to plan for a one-hour time slot to go through the package in their own school (e.g. the lesson package may be carried out as a Post-Midyear/Year-End Exam Activity).
  • Schools will access the lesson package on a webpage and go through the lesson package beforehand. Schools will conduct the one-hour lesson package on their own. There will be materials for dissemination which schools may choose to print or distribute digitally.


Conduct of Lesson Package

  • The teacher will access the web page and conduct the one-hour lesson package in a pre-determined format by the school.
  • Suggested sequence of NYUM activities, using the lesson package:

10 minVideo introduction on Sustainability Movement and Zero-waste concept
10 minInstructional video on the creation of the upcycled product
15 min Hands-on activity for the participants
25 minShowcase and photograph the final upcycled products. 


Submission of Evidence

  • Participating schools will submit a Padlet link, photographic evidence and an MS Excel file containing the list of names (in full) of the student participants.
  • All participants will be issued an e-Certificate upon verification of the submission

4. Phases in the Advocacy Module


NYUM Symposium & Training Session

  • Teams are strongly encouraged to send all members to attend the Symposium. Should there be overwhelming response to the event, the organiser reserves the right to adjust the number of members attending the Symposium from each team.
  • During the Symposium, teams will attend a seminar featuring pertinent environmental issues and content presented by experts and consultants in the environmental conservation field.
  • A briefing cum Q & A session on the Movement will be included.
  • The Symposium will be followed on the same day by training sessions to equip teams with the knowledge and skills pertaining to the design of upcycled products.


Presentation-cum-Consultation on Advocacy Toolkit & Outreach Project Pla

  • After attending the NYUM Online Symposium, all teams will be required to start working on the following deliverables for the Movement:
      • Upcycled products
      • Advocacy outreach plans
  • All teams will be required to record the amount of different food packaging (e.g. styrofoam boxes, plastic bottles, etc) conserved by the team in their Final Report.
  • Each team will be scheduled for an online Presentation-cum-Consultation session to meet the experts and consultants in the field for feedback and comments on their upcycled products and advocacy plans, for further refinements to be made by the teams. Teams will be notified about their allocated slots for the session via email in due course.
  • All teams must prepare at least one upcycled product for the Presentation-cum-Consultation session. Five pictures from multiple angles of the upcycled prototype would be needed for presentation at the session.
  • Subsequent consultations and clarifications with the experts and consultants will be conducted via email.


Advocacy and Outreach

  • From July to September, all participating teams will be required to mass produce their upcycled products as well as well to execute their advocacy plans to reach out to as many members of the public as possible.
  • Should fund-raising events be carried out, the funds raised can be donated to any environmental/ green initiatives nominated by the school.
  • Teams that carry out fund-raising events will be required to record the amount of funds raised in their Final Report.
  • Likewise, teams that make donations to any environmental/ green initiatives nominated by the school will be required to record the amount of donations as well as the beneficiaries in their Final Report.

Submission of Final Report

  • Judges will grade each team based on how well they have designed their upcycled product prototypes as well as advocacy efforts.
  • In addition, teams will be required to submit the following record tracking forms (to be given in due course), together with their Final Report:
      • Amount of food packaging conserved
      • Amount of funds raised
      • Amount of donations made and beneficiaries
  • Collated data and figures from these forms submitted by participating teams will be updated onto the NYUM mobile app.

Final Tally and Prize Presentation

  • Judging will take place from September to November 2021.
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards will be awarded to the qualifying teams from each category based on the scores in the following areas:

Advocacy Outreach Plan & Final Report Feasibility10%
Upcycled Product Aesthetics10%

GoldAt least 80%
SilverAt least 65%
 BronzeAt least 50%